Loving The Unlovable

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People with loud, exaggerated voices scare me. I don`t know why. But I`m sure you would understand when you`re in a small room and guy with has this huge voice keeps bragging for more than 5 minutes and his loud voice is like shaking your heart inside your chest--like shaking KFC chicken pops. (Oops! Weird analogy!)


But I`m sure you get what I mean. Sometimes, we meet people who makes us scratch our head or worse, angers us close to look like the bad guys on TV. I certainly have my own bad day—like today and yesterday. ;p


But I remember my sister always reminding me in such times to love the unlovable. Not that I`m always lovable myself. But because I have been stubborn and unlovable as well and it is only God`s grace that He never gave up on me.


If there are people in our lives that makes our eyebrows cross every time, maybe we should all go back to foot of the cross. We were all villains until our Hero came to rescue us and made us righteous in God`s eyes by the shedding of His blood. If Jesus can forgive and love us, how cannot we extend grace to others?


But is easier said than done, you might say. I know because I also think that way.


But when we are having a hard time to love those which are hard to love, we could pray and ask God to teach us to love and show compassion. And He answers such prayers. ;)

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