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I don`t know how to begin writing down my thoughts. I planned to start this one sharing about my struggle to write the past couple of months. `Cause I don`t know what topics to write about. Not sure if I should be more personal and disclose more stories. But now, I`m just gonna tell you about a rather unlikely topic for a blog.


You see, we`ve got two dogs in the house. One is more than a year old, the other barely four months. The younger one, whom we call “Star” have a bad habit of doing her thing just about anywhere. Tonight, I was on my way to the bathroom…the lights on the hallway are off…and as freaky as it can get,  I stepped on her poop!


It was the craziest thing! You wouldn`t believe how frustrated I am now and I’m beginning to think that if only Star isn`t cute…




But the truth is…I really love Star. I wouldn`t trade her for another pup. You wouldn`t believe how she drops to the ground, getting ready to be pet in the tummy every time she sees me. How she dances when I come home is something that always make my heart leap. I love everything about her--except for her lack of toilet training.


One day, she pooped around the whole house and my parents were cleaning and mopping and disinfecting the whole afternoon.


But none of us ever loved her less. In fact, she was loved more. I don`t know why. But even if she always does that, there`s nothing she can do that will make us love for her go away.


We`re all crazy about her.


I just thought about God. He hates sin the way we are disgusted with our dog`s *you know*. But He loves us and doesn’t stop there. He wants to purify us and teach us to do right.

He’s also crazy about us. And His grace is immeasurable.  Even if we do wrong, He keeps on loving us and pursuing us.Winking smile


So let’s come to him and not abuse the grace and love He gives. He deserves more than our love. He deserves our all.


Thank you, Lord for  these sweet  truths from our two little pups.

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