Refuge In Rainy Days

7:39 PM


We love rainy days for different reasons. Some love the rain because it looks romantic. Some love the rain because classes may be suspended. Some love the rain because it enables them to stop and rest even for a while in the warm of their homes, not to mention the hot, steamy chicken-macaroni soup their mom could make for them.


I love rain because I like the idea of water falling down from the sky in little drops. I`m weird, right? But I find rain so clever and unique and I just love it. I love keeping warm on a cozy couch and drinking hot chocolate. I love looking out of the window and scribbling on it with my fingers.


There are many reasons to love rain. But what if there is this massive rain that falls throughout the surface of the earth. What if it rains harder than the Asian typhoon Ketsena that displaced and killed many people last year? What if it doesn`t stop for a long time and it floods higher than when Hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans? What if it rains for 40 days and the water is enough to submerge not just the entire USA but all eight continents!



In the days of Noah, we know that it never stopped raining for 40 days and 40 nights and everyone, except Noah, his family and all the animals on the arc, died.


Of course, it never to flood the earth the same way as in Noah`s days (as God promised) but sometimes, we feel like we are flooded with many challenges life. Storms of life come over us and we don`t know where to find refuge.



But just like in Noah`s days where God has provided refuge through the ark, God has given us Jesus Christ. He is our Refuge through life`s storms. He will hold us close and never let us go.


So whatever storm comes in your life, know that Jesus is always there for you. All you need to do is trust Him. He`s always carrying you and holding you in His arms.

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