White Is Beautiful

11:40 PM

Good evening friends! How are you doing today? It`s close to midnight now and I`m waiting for 12 o`clock `cause of a freebie I`m so excited about.


Anyway, while I wait…let me share with you this beautiful photos from Alvhem Makleri.

Oh, dear! I love white! I love everything clean and fresh. In fact I was even thinking of a new blog theme. A white, scrapbook design. But let`s talk about that on another day.


Here`s what I`ve been telling you about. Enjoy!






Untitled-3_ (1)




Photo Grabbed from Sweet As Candy

View all the photos here.

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  1. hi, Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures, I like to have a house like this one in future...have a fab day

  2. Glad you liked it, Anzar. It`s neat isn`t it? I`d love to have one myself someday too! Let`s pray. ;) Have a good day!



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