Rest: 1,000 Gifts

8:49 PM


The past couple of days, I admit I had become a “Martha”. Been so busy doing kingdom work and didn`t had the time to take a break and missed the time supposed to be spend with the King.


I told my friends on our Saturday devotion group that when you start working and working and working, you become addicted that you don`t want to stop. There`s no problem with working and serving, but when it becomes a hindrance for you to spend time with the One you are committed to serve then your labor is in vain.


And it`s great `cause God used John Ortberg`s “God Is Closer Than You Think” to help me take a break and stop from the things that keeping me distracted from worshipping the Lord.


What struck me the most was his illustration about Ancients starting their day at sunset. In Genesis it always “There was evening and there was morning…”. And it was a relief to try out how they were living their days in ancient times.


Sleeping at the start of your day reminds you that you don`t hold everything in your hands and that God is in control.  I have learned to forget my worries and just rely on God for things I can`t control. Waking up, I felt better, relieved and more energized to do the tasks ahead.


I thank the Lord for


74. Nice reads and good devotionals.

75. Night time.

76. Good talks with the young people.

77. Nanay Tess and Xavier`s Birthday last Saturday. Awesome food!

78. Provision!

79. Good sleep throughout the rest of the week.

80. Good food this weekend!

81. Ptr.Lita`s back from Japan!

82. Strong relationships within the young leaders of the church.

83. Mom who always help me with my allergies.

84. My Dad who gives me the things I lovingly ask for. Winking smile

85. Chocolates and Bath Soaps from Sis. Elen!


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