Memories: 1,000 Gifts

2:06 AM

Memories  Tonight, I have this smile deep in my heart `cause I love reconnecting with the past. I love catching up with old friends…seeing how they`re doing after years of not being able to see each other.


I didn`t find an old friend this time, but I helped my Mom find hers. Just on Facebook. But I always love doing it for her. I love seeing photos of friends she always told me about. It fascinates me.



Perhaps, because I`ve never been to her hometown (neither in my Dad`s) and in my heart I want to reconnect with my roots. I`ve never met our relatives except for those who comes over to Manila to visit.


And I love hearing stories. I love hearing my Mom and her friends` stories. I find them so cool.


Anyway, since we`re talking about memories, I found these pretty photos of Kar`s Hotel in Turkey and I remember High Rock Hotel in Hongkong. It looks exactly like this… except for the floral thingy.image


I miss my friends Ynah, Arjay, Raymond and Gil!


And I thank God because even though we are far apart (not geographically, but living different lives now), there are still memories to think about.



Thank you, Lord for:


86. Memories to think about when we miss our friends.

87. For bonding time with Ava over dinner last night and breakfast this morning. I love iced coffee!

88. For Mom who made my bed tonight. So thoughtful and sweet. Humbles me.



89. Beautiful things: blogs, photos, interior design, crafts, scripture tags

90. Christmas!

91. The cool NCF Youth anniv where we wrote down our struggles in red balloons signifying the blood of Jesus, and we let them go in the night sky.

92. Nanay Tess for the Japanese Nescafe Experia which was lovely.

93. Hope and Love.

94. The Evangecube! Jesus is real!

95. Free internet from SMART Bro. ;)

96. Lovely young people: Rose Ann, Sharmaine, Xavier, Brendon and Chochi

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