Grateful: 1,000 Gifts

6:28 AM

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The past week had been crazy. There were so many things to attend to—”realities” in life that I`ve got face. ;)


Sometimes, I really get overwhelmed with all of the things going on around that all I can see is what`s immediate and I completely forget about what`s eternal. Sometimes, I don`t notice God working in my life, acquainted in every detail and making sure everything`s going on according to His will.


So today, I chose to be grateful. About the things I rarely get to notice. About the things I always thought were common but are all God`s gift. The sunrise he paints every morning. The pat in the back from my Mom when I`m not feeling well. Friends and family and church. There is an endless list of things to be thankful for. This is the real reality. God shouting His love to us in the obvious and in the simple every day happenings. ;)


My great and mighty God. Help me Lord, to have a grateful heart and be content with the beautiful things you fill my life everyday.


1. Good devotion time with the youth yesterday. Comforted and relieved.

2. Happy dinner time—spring rolls!—with Jessica, Ava and Viola in church.

3. Great time sleeping over at church. Took a lot of photos.

4. Fireworks at the window many times during the night.

5. Warm lights and good ambience in church!

6. Gary, a visitor, who jammed with the PNW yesterday.

7. Waking up early today. I love when the sky changes from dark to day.

8. The Hope Road Blog. Always has great reminders for me.

9. Our two dogs! Twinkle and Star!

10. Mom who helped me pack my back on the way to church last night.


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