DIY Beauty: Green Tea Facial Steam

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I wear a lot of make-up during weekends. Foundation and all that. But I was so tired last Sunday, I didn`t realize I fell asleep and forgot to wipe it all off! The next day, I felt like my pores are all clogged up and my skin couldn`t breathe. So I cleansed my face, got a pack of Shizuoka green tea and threw it on a bowl of hot water for a facial steam! I haven`t had a good steam in years, anyway!


Facial steams are good to open up the pores so it`s easier to remove sebum and other impurities that got down there. It can also help circulation and is good for relaxation. If you have colds, it would certainly help you to breathe easier as it will clear out your nasal passages.


All you need is a bowl of hot water (which isn`t supposed to be so hot `cause the steam might scald your skin), chamomile, lavender tea or whatever tea you`ve got, and a towel to cover your head to keep the steam from flying away. ;p


FacialSteaming-1-72dpi images (1)FacialSteaming-3-72dpi 


Once or twice a month would be enough to get rid of the trapped oil and dirt. Steaming too often can cause dry skin, so steam in moderation even if you love doing it. ;)


The tea smelled amazing and I really had a great time, and I`m grateful for God for awesomeness of simple things. It makes my heart smile every time I realize that He is the author of small things that makes life sweeter every day.

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  1. That sounds really refreshing right now!

    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. :)

  2. @Anna

    Thanks, Anna! And thank you for being an inspiration. ;) So many people are inspired because of your blog! Keep it up!



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