In Times of Waiting

8:57 PM

2474953744_354991bedd_b Sometimes, I wonder why in spite of His power, God allows delays. Knowing His strength and His ability to perform great miracles, why do some of our prayers take time before they are answered. S10,000. What is that to him? What is cancer? What is barrenness? When He was the One who created the universe and breathed life into the world.


Today, I think I understood another facet of the mystery of the season of waiting. I know for everyone of us, this extended season has different meanings.


But today, I realized many things I wouldn`t have seen if not for the delays I`m experiencing in my life. Perhaps, God allows delays because it is in extended waiting that we see the most hidden impurities of our hearts—impurities which otherwise would not surface out if our hearts would not be subjected into a little more testing.


If we would wait for a day, we could think about tomorrow with much hope. Wait for a month, and we would begin to fall on our knees and pray. After a  year, frustration may make its home in our hearts. And then we become impatient. We complain. We try to find our own way.


As I wait everyday, I look at my heart and see impurities which otherwise I had not taken notice of.


And I begin to loathe my own sinfulness.


My impatience. My faithlessness. My obsession to get everything I want right now.


I remember that I am only human.


And the only thing I find is grace of God. His patience. His faithfulness. His desire to give me the things I need at His perfect time.


I am reminded that everyday “We are changed from glory to glory.” Like how gold is being refined in the fire to remove every speck of impurity.


Now I would not hate the season of waiting. It is opportunity to trust God more, to let Him show you that He knows the way, to let Him cleanse you so and purify you so everyday, you look more and more like Jesus.


I will trust and wait on God, and have the season—yes, to have it take its full effect me. ;)

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  1. Good morning cathy.
    I can't read your post thoroughly (I'M SO SLEEPY!!)

    but I got to share this. There are always three answers you may and may not receive from God.

    YES, No and Later. I think you may had heard this before.

    YES is when God knows you terribly need it or tha you deseve it.
    No, is when God knows it something not good for you or you are purposed to something else.
    and LATER.. which is the one your talking about..

    I don't know, i don't make sense.. haha and I'm sleepy.. Just love leaving comments! <3

    have a nice day

  2. Hello Cathy, great reminder you have over there. I also think that sometimes God 'waits' because it is not the right time yet - maybe we are not ready to handle it, maybe something better is coming, maybe He has in mind for someone to be blessed through this process and that someone isn't here yet.

    Nevertheless, definitely a reminder to know that God sees beyond what we can see, and provides what we cannot expect.. and always the best for us :)

  3. @janwong I love it when you said "God sees beyond what we can see, and provides what we cannot expect.. and always the best for us :)". It's true, He is always in control and He always knows what's best. He sees the future so He knows better than us. All we got to do is trust Him. Everything falls into place in His perfect time, right? ;) Thanks for the word, Jan! God bless you!

  4. @janwong I read your comment over and over and this is so cool! "maybe He has in mind for someone to be blessed through this process and that someone isn't here yet.". Yup! When God blesses us, it is not only for ourselves alone, but for His greater purpose! Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Well said :O)
    there is a prayer we probably shouldn't pray, and that is for Him to teach us patience...
    and if we should pray for it, it should be with fear and trembling Lol
    Love Our God, He is faithful and just and knows everything...
    Trust is probably the thing we should pray for more!



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