Book Review: 10 Commandments For Choosing God’s Best

2:42 AM

Several months ago, I received a complementary copy of 10 Commandments to Choosing God’s Best from CSM. I loved the book so much and finished in one sitting!

I know this is one our girly issues these days: How to know if He’s God’s will?”, How to choose which is God’s will?” or “Is he the right one for me?” This has been the topic of most of my conversations with girl friends recently. And I know even the younger teenage girls love to talk about this topic. We girls just want to know and we want to follow God’s heart, aware that without the proper guidance and wisdom, we get confused!


So this book really refreshed my heart. What I love most about this book is that it was written in Philippine context and in a tone which makes you feel like having coffee with and listening to an older sister who’s giving you Biblical but very practical love advice. A little different from the common relationship books we get to read.

I love the parts about what character to look for in a man to marry (and what to watch out for in a guy we’re dating), what to do while you wait for God’s will, and of course, believing that God has His best plan prepared for you. I guess it’s that one thing that strengthens and encourages us to keep waiting on the Lord—when we trust that He has our best interest in my mind.

I’m sure every Filipino girl would love and gain much wisdom reading this book. It’s a good read for every girl who desires to follow God’s heart and honor Him through our relationship choices. Only thing is I find it a little short and ‘bitin’. I want to learn more from godly women who have gone ahead of me. ^^

Overall, I was blessed reading the book an would recommend it to all the young ladies out there who asks the same questions as mine~who wants to choose God’s best and not settle for something less. It’s like my Mom’s, Dad’s, Pastors’, friends’ and families’ advice put in one book!

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  1. @Riza Acebuche Yes, Riza! This is available in PCBS. . It's very easy to find. :) Enjoy reading!

  2. @Riza Acebuche Yes, Sis! Haha And it's very affordable! Don't forget to share it with your friends!

    Have a nice day!



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