What Would Your Super Power Be?

4:02 AM


I was reading on Reader`s Digest and saw this contest for an upcoming movie, asking if you would have super power, what would it be. I was thinking of a good answer, something people would not have thought of. Sadly, I couldn`t think of anything other than being invisible so I could watch Suju in Manila on Feb for free. :p (Oh, dear! How can someone in his right mind afford such expensive tickets!) Or maybe I could teleport in a snap of a finger so that by the time you`re reading this, I`m already in Paris or Milan watching some cute Armani fashion show.


Seriously, I guess I don`t need those kinds of super powers action heroes have. And come to think of it, if I could fly on my way to school like Superman or crawl in buildings like Spiderman, wouldn`t I need some extra sunscreen to keep my skin from burning? Or if I could have what every girl could possibly dream of—flight, super speed, x-ray vision, and pretty dresses, like the Powerpuff girls—wouldn`t I have to live a less than normal life than the other girls in town? Oh how I love riding the bus on my way to school, eating in fastfood without crunching my fork, watching TV without x-ray vision… There are a lot of things to enjoy in life without super powers!




But I`ll answer the question anyway—with a sweety pie answer, of course, and with something I think would be needed these days.  If there`s a super power that I`d like to have, without sacrificing my status as normal human being, I`d like to have a laser beam, perhaps, that melts anger and frustration in people's hearts! ;) Oh how good the world will be if people would forget about their hatred forever! But I don`t know what costume would go well with that kind of super power. Scares me to think about it. I hope it doesn`t look like Sailor Moon or something. Aaah! Let`s forget about that!


But I guess, we don`t need that kind of super power. Jesus is just that. Doesn`t He melt anger and frustration in people`s hearts? If only people would let Him do it…


Anyway, speaking of super powers, I remember the first time my Dad asked me to read this verse in Luke and understood the weight of those words!

“…I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you. 20 However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.” Luke 10:16-20

Jesus has given us an authority, almost similar to the super powers superheroes have! A better one, actually! Who has ever trampled on snakes and scorpions and defeated his enemy even before they have started the fight? Jesus has given us all the “super power” we need to overcome and to never become a slave of the enemy of our souls ever again! He has given us Himself!


But one the of the greatest things here is that in the end, Jesus doesn`t want us to take pride over all these “super powers” that we have access to. He wants us to rejoice of the life that we have in Him, that we had been saved and that we are going to heaven not because of what we have done or what we have, but because of what He has done. It`s only by His grace that we have been saved! And all these we have on earth are nothing compared to the greatest gift that we have Him. We have Jesus! It`s the best thing we could ever have in this life… and in eternity!


Have a great weekend, friends!

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