Sweet Little Things On Holy Week

5:44 PM

I`m watching the girls as they practice for tomorrow`s Holy Week stint and it`s angelic. Haha

I`m doing other things though, reading Shannon Popkin`s blog, browsing lyrics, and stalking on some people`s  Facebook pages and I can say I might become an expert on it soon.

Anyway, I`m enjoying reading Shannon`s blog and wishing I become like her someday, even when I grow up and have my own family.

You know, this two-day Holy Week vacation is really a refreshing. Been thinking about many nice things, just relaxing and not worrying about work or anything. Fun...and lovely. Although I wish I could get away to some summer island or something, I couldn`t wish for anything better than this.

Last night, Ate Nina, Ava and I went out just to spend time together. We weren`t able to have dinner because we were walking around the mall, trying out things, and never actually stopped except for the CR break and to buy the things Papa was asking us to get. Just had Tropical Coolers and it was awesome. The staff at Greenwich were warm and made our night a little more sweet. ;)

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