Early Mother`s Day and Father`s Day Thoughts

11:44 AM

Soon it will be Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. ;) And I answered a few questions on a media website about what three things you’re want to thank  your Mom and Dad about. Here’s my list:

I want to thank Mom for always:
1.      1.  Helping me with my things even though she’s tired.
2.      2. Always reminding me to lose weight and keep fit and also so that I’d look like her when she was young.      3. Checking on me if I had eaten or if I had taken my meds…and for sewing the legs back into my teddy bear.

I want to thank Dad for always:
1.       1.Driving me to the bus station when he has free time.
2.      2.  Praying with me when he feels I’m sad.
3.       3. Trusting me with so many things.

So I believe I got a really lovely and  cool parents. 

I know some might wish you have better parents that the ones you’ve got now. But I tell you. There are no such thing as perfect parents .just as there’s no perfect son or daughter. And you parents have many good qualities. You just have to intentionally notice them and appreciate your parents for who they are.

You know, my parents are strict. So strict as what I always thought when I was younger. There were so many rules and so many things to follow. Don`t leave your books on the sofa.  Hang your towel. Drink milk for breakfast (and I totally hated that). And of course, mom`s unegotiable rule: Go home before the sun sets.  And for a girl in high school, that would be the worst thing she would have to keep.  `Cause that beats Cinderella`s 12 o`clock curfew and I have all the parties to attend and trips to the mall with my friends.
There were times when I thought they didn’t want to see me happy or enjoying because I had a limited time  to go out.  You wouldn`t believe how many birthday parties I`ve missed! ;) But later on,  I realized that  my parents were only training me and teaching me the right path.

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” 

Now that I am older, I understand my parents, that they are not doing things to overprotect or to keep me from enjoying life but to teach me what is right and wrong. There’s an endless list of things that my parents aren’t checking me about now which several years ago were a bit of a struggle for me. I have learned to set curfew for myself, to be disciplined to finish work before fun, to love rules and know that they are not meant to harm me but to keep living a good life.

In a few weeks, it`ll be Mother`s day and Father`s day and I hope and pray that we will all appreciate our parents like never before, that we will see the good things in them and just see how much they`ve been loving us all this years. 

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