Goodbye, Matt---From My Diary

8:52 PM

Journal entry on the 3rd of April:

Today, I learned Matt had cancer. We were shocked to read last night on Direk Mark's page that he died last Thursday. I mean, He's so young.. and Ava had just exchanged messages with him on Facebook last month.

It's really very shocking. You know how much I've been inspired by him when when I was younger. This guy's one of the people who inspired me that's why I'm a dreamer now. He had many dreams, many so much bigger than himself, but all not impossible for him to reach.

He was so talented. He's the best singer I've heard. This is not because of anything else, not because he's my favorite... Okay, yeah. He's my favorite. But he's really the best and I wished so much that he'd succeed.

Last night, I was feeling a little heavy. at his loss. He was so promising. I was awaiting the day when I'd finally see him living his dream, achieving the things he had worked hard for, becoming the person he is supposed to live.

And I was asking God why did he ever took Matt away. I still want to hear him sing, watch him play keyboards on stage. Until now, it's still not very clear to me.

I was wondering what made him sick, how he died. I was wondering if it was sudden, or if it was gradual. He told Ava he was so thin, but he's resting and will be better. So when I learned it was cancer, I was stunned.

But like what I told Ava, Matt is already singing for the heavenly chorus, singing for his Master--Jesus. Such great talent, earth would not deserve. He would fulfill his dream right before his King. Because that's what He's made fro. That's what He's made to do. To be the best singer for His Majesty.

I know Matt is happy now in heaven. He's already with Jesus. No earthly dream wouldn't fade before the presence of the King, the Dream Giver Himself.

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