A Princess By Heart

10:22 PM

I wrote something on my jotter pad last Thursday…

Tomorrow, Kate will become a princess.

I wonder when will I ever be?

I wonder why in the heart of every girl, she longs of being married to a king. I wonder why deep in her heart, she longs for a grand Royal wedding.
Inside William and Catherine's Fairy Tale Carriage Ride| Royal Wedding, Kate Middleton, Prince William
Could it be that in every girl`s heart, God has planted a desire for that wedding in eternity?

One thing I am sure about…that every marriage on earth should be a reflection of that Grand day when Christ would be married to the church.

That perfect love that`s meant to last forever… *beaming*

    And you husbands must love your wives with the same love Christ showed the church. He gave up his life for her to make her holy and clean, washed by baptism and God's word. He did this to present her to himself as a glorious church without a spot or wrinkle or any other blemish. Instead, she will be holy and without fault. In the same way, husbands ought to love their wives as they love their own bodies. For a man is actually loving himself when he loves his wife. No one hates his own body but lovingly cares for it, just as Christ cares for his body, which is the church. And we are his body. As the Scriptures say, "A man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one." This is a great mystery, but it is an illustration of the way Christ and the church are one.
    Ephesians 5:24-32
    Photos via Oregon Live and


Simple Days: A Photo Journal

9:47 PM

I was supposed to make a photo journal about summer and how God has used it fill me with joy this month, but my memory card got broken last night! Ouch! All of the photos taken—including our grand reunion photos were corrupted and I was so heartbroken. I don`t have any photos to post.


But that wouldn`t stop God`s children from recalling every good thing and every joyful memory and bringing Him praise, right? And now that I don`t have photo-proofs of those memories anymore, I must recall them over and over so I would not forget Jesus` goodness.


Anyway, today, instead of a lengthy and more colorful photo journal I wished to make like the one I did the other week, let me share with you the joys I find in ordinary, simple days. Some are more than a month old, but they bring joy to my heart even now…just the same.


It`s heartwarming to realize that even these are as joyful as celebration days because Jesus is always present!


Have a joyful weekend!


Eating Out at Midnight


{A weekend at a Seafood restaurant downtown Manila. With Dad`s pastor friends from Japan…}


Cool Summer Treats


Fruit mix! These are bananas, beans, gelatin and tropical fruits plus lots and lots of milk!


My Baby Dog


Photoshoot with the family puppy, Star.

Look at how she posed seriously for the camera!

She, and the older dog, Twinkle are like babies,

cheering up the house.

365 Days of Love

365 Days of Love: Set-Up A Date For Your Couple Friends

4:59 PM


The Switchfoot concert in Manila is tonight at 7:30pm. I was planning to go with Ava, but we both decided to give our courtseat complementary passes to our youngest sis, Viola and her boyfriend, Carlo.


I was browsing on Facebook this afternoon, and I saw this status from her.


Save The Environment: Start With Yourself!

9:38 AM

Last weekend, on Easter Sunday, on our way to church, my sister Ava sighed (a loud sigh), shook her head in disappointment and pointed to this young lady on the van in front of us. The girl managed to get her hand out of the window (of a moving vehicle, mind you) to heartlessly throw a banana peel which landed perfectly on the ground just like how banana peels fall in movies.



If we were on Mario Kart, our car which happened to be right behind her, would have span a dozen times and would have lost a terrible, bad game. Sadly, I somehow wished we were only on Mario Kart. The heartless banana-peel-throwing is even more painful and has greater effects in real life that in the old PC game.



When I Need To Smile Like A Pretty Flower

5:48 AM

I think I`m having too much of a sweet thing this morning. Not in a bad way though (`cause I don`t mean food, but something else.),You`re  like smiling all the way to your ears and your heart feels so full can`t breathe. It`s funny. haha



I told you before that I like colorful words, colorful blogs, colorful bloggers… {whew! colorful bloggers?}…and colorful songs, btw. And I have one favorite that fits well into that category.


When I need to smile, even just in my heart, I would head over to his blog and read any random post. I drop by like a tired, wandering adventurer… and come out refreshed like a happy, pretty flower. hehe My analogy`s weird but seriously, when creativity somehow eludes me, this far away friend inspires me. I feel like I see a part of me in him and how he writes.


I dream of one day writing as colorful as he does.


And I love, love, love his song I`m posting below.


Sweet List: Books To Love

4:29 AM

In response to my favorite writer Bonnie`s blog post about books that speak to her, I`m also listing those that made a way to my heart and made a big impact on my life.




My heart feels warm and I stand amazed thinking God was able to use writings from people far, far away to touch others` hearts, open their eyes, bring light and truth to lies that creeps their hearts, and to change them into the image of His Son.


I just couldn`t imagine living without this gift of books. If not for them, my eyes wouldn`t be opened into many things I never knew before. They were one of the greatest instruments God has used to speak to me and introduce a part of Himself I`ve never encountered before.


So here`s my list… of my favorite books…those that served too powerful, I fell in love more with the Lord and  I was changed.



Weekly Reading List: Recipes

7:32 PM

For a change, I’m posting only one link for inspiration and the rest would be recipes I’m dying to try soon—if not this week.


I don`t know but I suddenly became so excited to cook again. Funny thing is that my sister Ava was recruited to join a pageant (whoa! I`ll tell you in another post) and she`ll be working hard to stay fit for next coming weeks. Haha Good thing there`s no swimsuit competition `cause I might not be a good influence to her eating habits. haha Anyway, my conservative sister won`t join if there is such. ;)


Enjoy cooking!


 Tofu Dumplings from Shiori


{This one`s in Japanese-please use a webpage translator}


Sweet and Spicy TongDak by Aeri Lee




Vietnamese Spring Rolls by Giao Trac

{via Design Sponge}



Korean Style Fruit Salad by Aeri Lee



Hot and Sour Soup by Shiori


{This one`s in Japanese-please use a webpage translator}


And finally, For Inspiration

When It’s Hard To Change: Breakfast With Jesus by Bonnie Gray


I Blog Because…

12:49 AM

I`ve been reading much around the blogosphere since summer began. The thing is, there are so much I`ve found to inspire me. Sometimes, these “inspiring” blogs get so inspiring, I feel extremely intimidated to write. Oh, I really end up discouraged and beaten down.




If you`re a blogger and if you`re new to this thing, you`ll find all these blogging tips and blogging strategies everywhere. SEOs, monetizing, traffic tips… You find them, follow them faithfully, and still end up far from those who just excel in all these things. For a while, all these technical stuff could get you sidetracked from making good content and you might even end up forgetting why you`re blogging after all.

And I guess, that`s a bit of what happened to me the past couple of days. I was so intimidated with traffic and Page Rank and I forgot why I am blogging after all.

And since it`s Easter, I guess it`s time to remind myself and wake up…


Because the reason why I blog is because I want to share my heart. I want to share what God has done.  I want to make Jesus famous. Doesn`t matter if I`m last in the rankings. Doesn`t matter if I get few page views a day. What matters is I serve my purpose for the Kingdom. Winking smile Right?



So forget about Page Ranks and and SEOs. I will blog everyday to give glory to my King.


You, why do you blog?


PS. And I`ll enjoy just being myself and be pressured to become like the other star bloggers. haha After all, it`s the only way I could start writing from my heart again.



{Photo via –xiantao, wtshibal

and inspires on Tumblr.}


You Smile: My World Makes Sense

11:57 PM

My sisters and I love the old Jesus movie starring Jeremy Sisto. I love the part in the end when Jesus was walking away…Suddenly, the background changes and he begins to walk in our times, wearing long-sleeves and jeans. That`s also the Jesus movie where Jesus smiles too frequently and I love it.

As a child, that made a huge impact on me. I love that Jesus smiles a lot, `cause that means He`s not that angry and distant God many people thinks He is. I love it because I need not be afraid, for He is loving and He loves me deeply. He smiles at me and looks at me tenderly. And I was so fascinated that the same Jesus who walked the towns of Nazareth is still the same Jesus who is present in our age today. That he is not just the Jesus of the Roman Empire days. He is the same Jesus today. He is alive today. Just as He is 2,000 years ago.

I really, really fell in love with the Lord with that. To know that He smiles. To know He also feels happy. To know that He understands me…and He is not scary. ;)

I love it that he loves me tenderly. That those eyes of His, they look at me, seeing through my whole being, and yet He loves me wholeheartedly.

I don`t think someone will ever look at me and love me the way Jesus does.

I Believe In You {from the Jesus Movie}
You breathe, new life begins
You speak and my world makes sense
That's how it is when it comes to you

Your mercy has no end
You're more than just a friend
It amazes me You feel the way you do

I believe in You and nothing less
I believe in You, can't help myself
You're all the hope the reason that I live
I believe in you just because I don't need no one to prove Your love
From all that I have seen
It's easier for me to believe in You

You are so beautiful
You are the miracle
That dries the tears
Heals the wounded heart

And it's so clear to see
Your hand in everything
You were there for me
There to see me through


Spring Flowers. Lovely.

4:23 PM

I found these beautiful photos from Radostina`s site. The girl loves everything that blooms. That`s why I love her site. Makes me feel really good `cause I love flowers too!


cover_flowers_pink_yellow_blogger_sh (1)









1000 Gifts

Happy Easter: 1,000 Gifts

3:31 PM

How was your Easter celebration yesterday? I had a great time in church. It was great to be reminded of the Resurrection, that we`ve got a God who is alive and had not been limited or chained by death.


Sometimes, we miss the real meaning of Jesus raising up from the dead, only noticing and appreciating His death. While His death means our sins had been paid of, His coming back to life also means something more significant for us.


It means victory.

It means new life.

It means that we too may die but we will not remain dead forever.

It means we don`t have to be beaten down by our sin.

It means we can triumph over adversity, trials, and sicknesses.

It means today we live, not as abandoned children, but as redeemed children of the King.

It means we are never alone, without help. He is with us. Because He is alive and not dead.



{Image credit: Kath Davis}

His life is our life.

and His victory ours.

No need to fear about anything.

Because He is with us.

So we can hope about the future.

Be content today.


{I love that I have a God WHO IS ALIVEand will remain alivetoday, tomorrow and forever. Winking smile}


Here are my victories and hopes this week! This is because of your victory that morning, Lord!


New hope. New opportunities to study and work. 146.

Provisions for my first step into the scholarship application. 147.

Awesome 1st day of training for Sam {the new trainee I`m teaching for Multimedia in church} 148.

Awesome week with my Aunt Eden whom I haven`t seen in 10 long years, 4 year-old cousin Ashley and their 4-months old baby Patrick (whom we may be adopting). 148.

Pretty, funny and crazy overnights in our house with more aunts and cousins.148.

Ice scrambles! They make summer cool, happy and fun! 149.


I`m cooking again! Made creamy macaroni soup for the family last night. Tonight, I`m making macaroni fruit salad! Mmmm… Can` wait! 150.

How about you? What are your hopes and victories today? This week? This month? Why not write them down? Let`s share beautiful Easter stories!


Photo credits:

Love-at-first-sight- on Tumblr.

Kath Davis via Tumblr.



10 Things To Love About Family Reunions

7:10 PM

We still have children, aunties and a baby sleeping over in the house tonight. Last week`s grand family reunion has been extended even today and I guess until the end of the month when my Aunts would go back to their hometowns.


It really feels good to have a big family. I posted on my Facebook status last time that we discovered  during the reunion that my Grandma on my Mom`s side had 15 siblings ( 2 pairs were twins). And it`s really amazing. I really want to find all of our relatives and know them all. Manila is not really a big place and I might be bumping into a relative and still don`t have any idea…


This whole week had been noisy, and busy, heartwarming and fun! Kids running everywhere and everyone chatting with another… I love these scenes. I love the stories that I hear. Btw, my aunts had been telling their love stories. Ava and I are doing interviews one by one and you would go crazy when you start to hear them laughing loudly and telling their past. It all seems fresh in their minds.


Well, here are the things I love about our grand family reunion. You might also want to get to plan yours soon. You really wouldn`t want to miss a single moment…


Aaaaw! My heart feels so warm. I love the whole family getting together!


tumblr_ktx9va02zT1qaox1bo1_500_large1. Family reunions is where you find all the good food!

2. You discover stories and secrets you`ve never heard before.


3. You come thinking you know everybody only to find out you haven`t met everybody just yet. 


4. People are asking you who`s child are you.



5. Family reunions makes you talk endlessly for 48 hours.


6. Family reunions teaches you patience.

7. Everyone blurting out “Look,he/she has grown so much!".


8. Hugs, kisses, and new Facebook friends. haha


9. Family reunions opens rooms in your heart…for you to love more.

There are more people to love, more people to share God`s love with. I love that I have a big, big family. I love it because the more I people I let into my heart, the bigger my capacity to love becomes.



10. Family reunions make you humble. You see the good stories… but there would always be some bad apples to the family history. I`ve learned to accept the hard truths, the painful stories that would normally make people feel ashamed. Every single thing is a part of who I am and I believe that in these stories, God really shows His grace the best. Well, Jesus family history wasn`t perfect too. And I take comfort that He has experienced and known it all.


You, what do you love about family gatherings?


Switchfoot: Live In Manila 2011

6:59 PM

Switchfoot is coming to Manila in 7 days for their Hello Hurricane World world tour! How cool is that?


I’ve got two tickets, courtesy of Becca Music Philippines, their local concert organizer and I’m excited to see the rock band, who popularized “Dare You To Move” and “Meant To Live” in the Philippine music scene, singing live at the Araneta.


Of course, Switchfoot is well known for being a mainstream rock band with Christian members and music that has Christian meaning…


Good idea to spend the last weekend of April, aight?


Catch you guys there!




April 30, 2011 (7 days left!)

Phil. Sports Arena

Ticket prices:
VIP                                 P3500
Courtseat                     P2500
Ringside                       P1800
Lower Box                     P1500
Ringside II                     P  800
General Admission        P  500

For more details visit Becca Music`s official site or The Switchfoot Concert In Manila Facebook page


Learning Servanthood

6:39 AM

I was browsing through my old Multiply blog, the one I had back when I was on my 2nd year in college and which I still used until last year as I served as a full-time video editor in a 1800-member congregation.


Well, I had to mention the number because I`m reposting an old post from that old blog and it had something to do with the number.


As I look back on it now, I find myself quite funny to have written these things down…although what I wrote down was so real, so true to my heart. I hope this speaks to you as you laugh at my thoughts and find out that I have these little OCD in washing dishes. hehe


Learning Servanthood

*Writings from my journal on the 4th of November, 2009.

tumblr_lhz2tbQjC11qgs4gbo1_500This morning, I was asked to wash a thousand communion cups.  I guess, for some that would be an easy task. But for me, you know that I would rather stay up all night doing all sorts of office stuff than to do the menial, handyman stuff.  I mean, washing cups is not a handyman thing. ;) Sorry about that. But honestly, I’d rather do the hammering, scrubbing, and fix wires rather than to wash dishes.



I love to serve, don’t get me wrong. I could sweep floors, dust cabinets, and other girly things like that. But washing things…like dishes for instance, is the most horrendous, scary thing you could ever ask me to do. And this morning, you bet I almost cried and wallowed in self pity. ;)

Friends closest to me know how I hate doing the dishes and the eeky things. I know Gel got annoyed with me many times about doing the dishes. Raymond laughed at me when he learned I cried for two nights after removing gum under the chairs.  And this time, I actually sent this message to Raymond:


xii-seoul fashion4
   Senyor, maglilinis ako ng communion cups. mga 1000 ata. Wahaha Hindi ako iiyak. Attitude lang toh! bwahaha

                Senyor, I’m gonna clean communion cups. They’re about a thousand haha I’m not gonna cry. This is all about attitude. ;)

But you know what…today, I remembered what Jesus taught about servanthood. The greatest leaders are the greatest servants. If you want to be first, you should know how to put others first before yourself. And I guess for me, this means doing the cups with a good attitude even though I don’t like washing. This means thinking about the thousand people who will be using the cups next month for the communion. This means serving 5 services and even helping out the ushering team. This means dying to myself and serving others instead of caring only about myself.


tumblr_li5hdaSugK1qbfxrwo1_500Yesterday, I was watching Francis Chan’s video and I remember him talking about looking at our future in heaven. I realized that as we look forward to our eternal rewards in heaven, every menial, normal, or difficult task that we do becomes bearable. And when I started thinking about heaven, I began to wipe the cups with joy. ;)


Jesus said. “The greatest among you shall become your servant.”  Hmm… This has taught me a lot today. If I we want to live the destiny of greatness that we are called to live, then we must first learn to become the greatest servants. Leadership is not at all about being in position, sitting in front of my hi-tech computer every day, enjoying the comfort of the office. Leadership is all about putting others first before you think about yourself—even if it sometimes means doing the things that you least like doing.


chiikusho-2I would be lying if I tell you that I won’t be struggling again the next time they ask me to do the thousand cups. But next month, when I’m in Ate Pat’s kitchen, soaping and rinsing the little cups… I know what to think about.  And just in case it’ll be your turn…

Think about Jesus and what he says about servanthood. Think about heaven.  Think about eternity. For whatever we do for His name (and for His people) will never be in vain. ;)



Photos via chibi-, chiikushio-,

and xii-seoulfashion on Tumblr.

1000 Gifts

Sweet Surprises: 1000 Gifts

4:41 AM

1000 Gifts copy

The first quarter of the year had been truly wonderful for me… This season, God had showed me a sweet side of Himself, that He is a really thoughtful God who delights to make us smile and make us happy.


Well, things had not been perfect and easy. My grandma died a few days into the new year, but God had been so faithful. And I`m not just saying that. I really saw His goodness right before my eyes. He has brought families together and restored broken relationships… and it`s really true that even though things can get imperfect or even painful sometimes, God ultimately meant it to happen for something good.


What really amazed me was how God showed me that He is that loving Father who delights to see us smile. When I really didn`t expect it {or maybe when I have already given up on it}, God had been so kind and good and amazing to give the little desires of my heart one by one. Yey!


The ocean waves, the long drives, walking barefoot on grass (the ones I mentioned on a previous post), and all other little things I love… God has been orchestrating things so I could enjoy them to my hearts content. And it's heartwarming because God had been speaking to me through these little things that if He cares to give the tiniest details that make me happy, He is also concerned about the other bigger things that concerns my future. I just have to wait and trust Him.


For a while I thought that God could not be this thoughtful and sweet. I know that He is… but to the extent that He would really do a lot to make this little, struggling, untrusting heart of mine happy… {You wouldn’t believe how many surprises I got just this week!}. I know that this is His way to strengthen my heart and my faith in this season of my life.


Here are photos of some of the best things that has happened the past three months. {These are the ones I easily found over a multitude of photos. Honestly, I wish I had taken more. But the thing is, I only take too much photos when I’m bored. So that means, I’m really enjoying. Anyway, I’ll add more to this post when I find everything.}


How about you? What has He been doing in your life? Showing you? Or teaching you?


{A few weeks ago. Went out for coffee at 4am My pastor Dad, Mom, Ptr. Elmer and (his wife) Tita Amy Fujiwara. 137.}


{Last January, with cousin Dane… A few days after grandma died. 138.}


{Feb was our church’s anniversary.

(From left to right) Carlo and Viola, Ate Jeniffer and her baby Yogur. 140.}



{The youth group I love the most! 141.}

Youth 1000 gifts copy


{My cousin Andrew was born a few days before our grandma died. His older brother Euri was born a few days before grandpa died in 2005. It’s nice to think that sometimes, someone goes but God offers new life. 142.}

new life

{March. We helped our friends (who are abroad) to surprise her mom on her birthday. It was my first time to organize a thing such as that. I love doing it. I love my friends and their mom. I love making people happy. 143.}


{Because I love to blog and I got my first invite as a blogger.

These are Jay and Adz of Think Like A Beginner..

and of course, my Ava dear (my sweet sis!) Awesome! 144.}

blog the beat



life copy


{A week ago! I’ll tell you why it changed my life in another post. 146.}

prayer congress


And truly, we just have to patiently wait on the Lord for His answer to our prayers. I still am waiting for a lot of things, but I my heart can rest knowing that He honors the desires of my heart.


Right now, I even have more than what I am asking for.



Designer Loft in Paris, France

2:00 AM

Look at how light, creative and complex this loft in Paris, France looks. Who says fire has previously consumed this place?



Designed by Frédéric Flanquart, after the owner of the house requested the place to be remodeled into “something new, ambitious and creative”, this loft has turned into something really cool and yet sweet and comfortable. It took 18 months to turn the damaged space into a brilliant, bright and fun sanctuary. No traces of fire. Everything new and welcoming. The designed said that it was a loft “filled with emotions project, combining complexity, simplicity and lightness”.
















I love it! Really proves that things that has been destroyed can can be restored. If we would take time and ask a designer to clean up and rebuild it for us. Same for our hearts and spiritual lives right? Jesus is always ready to fix up broken lives and empty spaces. Only if we would come to Him and ask. Winking smile


PS. I really feel this is like modern meets Noah`s ark! Look at those awesome wooden structures! I would love to work in a place like this someday. Good idea for a design studio!

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