Living Creatively: Writers Block

4:09 AM

Do you sometimes struggle to write?


I bet everyone of us does.


I had all these thoughts in mind the past couple weeks and I really wanted to write them down and share them with you. But for an unexplainable (but familiar) reason, I cannot write them down or form them into good-sounding words. I`ve got two or three stories in mind, but I just could make them into an engaging post worth reading.



I guess it`s true when experts say if you yourself don`t get excited or are not enjoying what you have written down, your readers wouldn`t enjoy them either. So I guess it all starts with us, with our hearts and our perception of things.


I believe one reason why writers struggle to write is hesitation. The moment we begin to hesitate, that`s when things start to really go wrong. It`s like believing in failure before you`ve even started anything. It like inviting doom when it`s not even asking to come in.

{Did I use an exagerated word for doom? haha}



It`s really a tragedy to start thinking we`ll fail even before we started anything.


When I was leading the Multimedia Ministry in our previous church, the team and I did a balloon-blowing game for team building. I asked the them to blow an average sized balloon without air-pumping equipment. Some struggled while a few filled it up with air really quick.


I didn`t tell them that the balloon game was supposed to measure confidence. Those who had confidence enough to blow the balloons finished really quick, while others had to pushed a little bit to believe they can blow the balloons themselves.


I guess it`s also the same with writing—or any other craft. When we start with confidence, believe in ourselves because we are God`s creation and trust Him because He never leaves us and we are not alone, we will not be afraid of doing great things. When we believe that the intelligent Lord who fashioned all of these majestic creation is with us in everything we do, how can we not become people of excellence? When we place our confidence on the Lord who loves us and who gives us strength and wisdom, how can we not do any good thing?


"For you have been my hope, O Sovereign LORD,
my confidence since my youth."
Psalms 71:5 (NIV)


Anyway, I found a cute poster with these “oh so true” writing rules! Enjoy!



I can do everything through him who gives me strength.* Phil. 4:13

Daughter of the King

Here In His Love

12:46 AM

I really don`t have any idea what to write tonight. I haven`t been blogging for like a half a month, and sometimes when you stop writing for a long time, you kindda forget your voice as writer.




I`ve actually been writing a lot on my journal lately about everything that makes a girl, well, cry and stay up late past midnight. I`ve had some tearful, heartwarming moments with the Lord the past weeks and  isn`t it awesome that you can open up to Him about everything you feel—your fears, your frustrations, everything! I love being His little girl! I love telling Him my stories like how a little child would while sitting in Daddy`s lap.


I admit I haven`t been doing that for a long time. And I have somehow forgotten that I am someone Jesus deeply loves. I am someone He loves to look at, someone who makes His heart leap in delight, someone He really, truly cares about. I am His beloved. His child. His bride. He loves me and He owns me.



I wish I can give you a  direct link to the song I`m listening right now.

{In Christ Alone by Owl City} Writing all these with that song in the background makes me feel like I`m in a fairytale…with fireflies and musical notes flying in the air, with flowers that sing, and sunlight on my face. Like I live in a world of love that doesn`t run out, that everything will be perfect and I my heart can rest. Well, you can listen to it here. {Just look for the player}


Well, God`s love doesn`t end. And His love for me is better than fairytales.

What heights of love

What depths of peace

When fears are stilled

When striving cease


My comforter

My all in all

Here in the love of Christ

I stand

Photo credits: via {The London Eye}

interior design

Warm Spring Colors

5:58 PM

Wow! Really? These  were styled by a guy?!! I thought these were like from Martha Stewart or Donna Hay, but they were actually done by Peter Fehrentz, a designer from Hamburg.
I`m really impressed. Men can really do good in doing some things we only associate with ladies—and do them well, actually. Did I mention I am also so impressed with Ed Kimber, author of the blog The Boy Who Bakes who won the British Grand Bake Off (last year, if I`m not mistaken). I mean, wow!PETER 1


Very lovely, aren`t they?

Photos from Peter Fehrentz

Enjoying Today

Restoring Rest: 10 Things You Love

9:10 PM

While I`m writing this, my Sister Ava is cooking meatloaf in the kitchen and I`m smiling, smelling the beautiful, beautiful, delicious scent of the freshly cooked dish and the spices! Mmmmm….Yummy….


Don`t you love simple moments like this?



I recently told a friend that God had been teaching me lately how to appreciate every moment that comes. I`m the girl who loves to think about tomorrow. The future excites me. It drives and pushes me to give my best in everything I do. It makes me look forward with faith to the beautiful things ahead.


But one thing it also does in me is that when things go a little bit shaky, thinking about the future makes me a worrywart. I cry. I fear. I tremble. I get so frustrated over dreams that won`t come true. Over prayers that seem slowly answered. And it robs me of the opportunity today as it comes.



“As you do not know the path of the wind, or how the body is formed in a mother`s womb, so you cannot understand the work of God, the maker of things...Sow your seeds in the morning and at evening and let not your hands be idle, for you do not know which will succeed, whether this or that, or whether both will equally do well.

Photo Credits: WeHeartIt

Light is sweet, and it pleases the eyes to see the sun. However many years a man may live, let them enjoy them all… Be happy young man, while you are young, and let your heart give you joy.. but know that for all these things, God will bring you judgment. So then, banish anxiety from your heart and cast off the troubles of your body, for youth and vigor are meaningless.” Ecclesiastes 1:1-11


Enjoying Today As It Comes

I love Owl City. Adam Young`s colorful words remind me to also take notice of the colors around me, to enjoy the little things that come my way because after all, they are the big things in life. As I entrust God with my future and enjoy Him today, I`ll also love everything that is around me at this moment. I would just allow the present to be bring me joy and make me smile.


And that is rest, isn`t it? When we give everything to God and live our lives to day as joyful and thankful and as happy as we can.


Anyway, I was reading Adam`s blog earlier this week and found an old blog post about 10 things he like…

01 Music
02 Stargazing
03 Swingsets by the beach
04 Flip flops and designer jeans
05 Blue eyes
06 Driving with the sunroof open
07 Red Bull
08 Bunny tracks ice-cream
09 Sleeping in
10 Fireflies in the twilight

And I just thought about the things I like too…

Photo Credit: www.girlypics.tumblr

01 Sunlight

02 Ice cream

03 Walking barefoot on grass and on the beach

04 Backyards, tree houses and swing sets

05 Traveling during night time

06 Daydreaming

07 Skirts, Ballet Flats and pretty photographs

08 Flowers

09 Mushroom soup on chilly mornings

10 Stars


How about you? What are  the 10 simple things in life that you really love? How often do you take a break and enjoy these things everyday?


What we only have is today. How can we be so sure about tomorrow? So let us enjoy today as it comes. Do our best today. Savor every moment. Give God our future because He loving holds them in His hands—and we know that He always wants the best for us. ;)


Rest well, my friends!

Photos via WeHeartIt

and Girly Pics on Tumblr.


My Weekly Reading List 3.1

3:26 AM

I haven`t posted my reading links for a couple of weeks now. Haven`t been reading so much the past two weeks and because this weekend I was reading a lot of news. But I`m posting the ones I`ve read tonight. I hope you enjoy!


Photo via


I`m so amazed to find myself reading a lot of Mommy blogs lately. At first, I felt sad that there are a few singles writing blogs these days. But I`m learning a lot from the mommies and they`ve inspired me so much I want to become like them someday. ;) You would also be amazed to find a lot Christian moms writing very good blogs and they`re all over the web! Inspiring people, doing crafts and raising kids… as if they`re all easy tasks to do…


But then again, All things are possible with the Lord. ;)


1. See The Amazing Amidst The Piles by Jessica Turner

2. Do You Love Yourself by Andrea Lucado

3. Does Bilingualism Cause Language Delay?

4. Language Switching Can Be Good by Corey in Mulitilingual Living

5. Love and Good Intentions by Kuya Kevin

6. Japan and God`s Goodness by Anna


PS. Please let us not forget to keep the Japanese people in our prayers.




Photo via daisies22 on Tumblr.

interior design

Dream Home

2:13 AM

I think I`ve found how my dream house should look like. Winking smile


I`m actually not dreaming of big house. I want a pretty small and simple one…just like the one my family`s living in right now. I like it just like that so everybody could still get to see each other and would be forced to hang out with each other all the time. haha I want it that everyone in my house can see how each other`s doing.  I guess, a simple house is one of the reasons why my sisters and I have become super close. We love bumping into each other in the kitchen… ;)


Okay. This penthouse in Paddingtown, Australia is really, really hefty. Aargh! I would love to build a similar house like this one  but on a budget not as huge as that one! Whew! And I think that`s totally possible, isn`t it?


20100308094653 (1)



I love this outdoor set-up when I can go and see the garden anytime!




20100308094653 (4)

I`m really dreaming of a cozy house, that`s contemporary but  has wooden floors (This one`s even got a wood deck!). I also want a simple, neat and modern kitchen with a pretty countertop where I can talk with the family and see everybody while I`m cooking.




20100308094653 (3)

It might be small, but it should have everything, right? haha A mini pool would do…




20100308094653 (7)

Dreams… I really got to work hard now if I want all these stuff, huh? Winking smile



And I guess, with that beautiful skyline in the background, I can take it back when I said I really didn`t want to live in the city. But of course, I need all those trees and the garden just like that in the photo. haha


You can check out more of the photos here.

Via Trendir


Praying For Japan

11:23 PM

f56dd241ddceaba20802bc7c3d00d13cI`m watching the news right now. 3 days after the frightful tsunami, everything on TV is still all about Fukushima, Miyagi and Sendai. Such a sad and tearful thought to think about all the lives lost and all the pain and tears that goes will all these that had happened.


Growing up, Japan had been a common word in our household. My Dad had worked there for almost ten years. Half of my relatives on my Dad`s side had lived and are living there while I have close friends and know many people from church who are based there.


And so since the news came out, we had numerous phone calls in the house…and my parents had been waiting for updates from friends and relatives through the internet. We`ve been worried for one of my aunts who had not been answering calls since the quake so my other aunt went to find her… and we`re glad she`s safe.


With all these in front of us now…the only things I`m thinking about is the God of comfort who comes to us in times of need. Anna of HopeRoad blog mentioned in her recent post that even through all these things, God`s character had not changed. He is good. Still. And will be always be good. And He is always in control.


My sister had gone to Japan for missions. We were talking about statistics and all but what struck me the most was when she said that the Japanese barely even know that there is a God who cares for them. They may look okay on the outside, but broken deep within…longing to be loved and accepted.


Let us uphold them in our prayers, for their comfort and safety, and that they too may find Jesus amidst all these.




My Heart Can Rest: A Faith Barista Jam

6:46 AM

I went outside this afternoon to look at the clouds. Our backyard looks much greener now. Summer has come really fast this year. The purple haze and thick, green mango trees…they were sweet surprises to me today. Surprises because I didn`t realize they were already there and now they warmed my heart. Surprises because they brought me to tears just now.




Oh, how I love spending time with my Father. In the midst of all He has made. How I miss lying on the grass, listening to the music He whispers to my heart. In the middle of all the majesty and beauty of the things He created, I feel secure and warm. I feel His arms wrapped around me. I feel Him so close, so near me.


The clouds and the leaves and the wind…they show me who I am in my Father`s eyes. They remind me that as insignificant as I seem (in my eyes sometimes), I am always, always valued by Him.



Yes, the God who made all these marvelous things would care and love me… and believe that I am worth saving.


Knowing that, my heart finds rest.


My heart had always been fond of staring at endless rice fields. I now understand why. Why I long for camping out in the mountains… Why I look at the stars and my heart feels warm.  Now I know why I had always loved sitting beneath the trees every single time I feel alone and miss my Lord.


It is in nature… In adventure… In the quietness of creation. In feeling the wind on my cheeks and the dust beneath my feet--it is there where I find rest and comfort for my soul. It is where I feel His presence the most.


It is in nature that I find Him, my King, singing to me.


In the midst of all the beautiful things God has made, it there where I clearly remember my worth and see before my eyes that my God is big and His love is so immeasurable.


28-30When life is heavy and hard to take,
   go off by yourself. Enter the silence.
Bow in prayer. Don't ask questions:
   Wait for hope to appear.
Don't run from trouble. Take it full-face.
   The "worst" is never the worst.

31-33Why? Because the Master won't ever
   walk out and fail to return…

Lamentations 3:28-31



A Designer-In-The-Making

3:16 AM

I read a tweet tonight from my very dear friend, Alyssa Chua (a Rebelutionary, who was one of the 2 girls who did hard things to get Alex and Brett Harris` book Do Hard Things published in the Philippines), that her sister Damaris just got her dress created by and is already being sold on their website! How cool is that?




I really, really want the dress for myself.Winking smile I`m not just saying that because I know the girls but doesn`t it look so pretty and girly?




I`m not paid for this, but if you like the dress, you can get it here for 79 Euros. hihi


And I found some more pretty clothes on the site! Not to mention, these are all created by budding designers. We really have awesome talent out there just waiting to be discovered…






So, girls (and guys), let`s use our God given talents for His glory and not give up! The Dream Giver is also as excited as you live your destiny!



Sweet List

Sweet List 3.1 Spring Blue

5:46 PM

Today, outside my window, leaves from the flowering trees in my Mom`s garden are beginning to grow out of their stems. And I can`t believe how I failed to notice them earlier.


It`ll soon be green and flowery again in our garden. I can`t wait!








Photos from A Creative Mint.

Clear Blue.


Pretty Watercolor Postcards

6:59 PM

I found this really, really charming and inspiring set of postcards called “Blush” created by illustrator Valeria Chua on her blog Quiet Girl.


I tried painting early in college but haven`t got my hands to hold a paintbrush again in years! And I am so inspired how this girl can paint just that easy! Makes me want to get back my paintbrushes and old canvass from our stockroom where they`d been collecting dust. ;)






These were originally made on her moleskin which she later decided to transform into postcards sold on her Etsy Shop.




Lovely aren`t they?


random thoughts

Your Day in 2020

5:48 PM

Have you seen this video? Do you think this could be all possible in 2020? Although I love cool gadgets and touch-screen stuff, midway through the video, I found this quite funny and too much. If we would live like this, our fingers would be the only parts of our body we would exercise! Haha

Watch Your Day In 2020


I like all these things but I would miss building, playing and working  with my hands. When we were kids, we used to make a lot of sand castles, play a lot of sports…But we do them on the computer now. And I`m afraid one day it would get so high tech and the things we used to do and enjoy wouldn`t be a normal thing. If books would all be sold as e-books then, I would definitely miss flipping pages with my hands!


Even now, sometimes, I feel a little bit sad that we have to really get away from the city just to have a good look of God`s creation. It takes a two-hour drive to feel relaxed and human.


Don`t you sometimes miss nature too? And playing outdoors? ;) I love, love, love all these hi-tech stuff but I often miss doing the old things we used to do.


I Just Want To LIVE My Life

4:31 PM

I`d been away for a full week—again—and it feels it`s been so long. As I mentioned in my previous posts, I hadn`t been feeling so well and so took the time the rest. No work. No online activity. Just at home sleeping and enjoying my days.



It`s really been a good week! I had no connection with the `outside world` but enjoyed soooo much! Thank God my fever went away faster than I expected. And although I had terrible tummy aches for the past two days, I feel so blessed because my Dad got up from bed the other night (at midnight!) just to pray for me, and that was just cool! Really had a great time with my family. God made me to rest so I can see the really things that matter after all.


It feels good that I can still spend time with my younger sisters and my Mom.  Just like how we used to. My sister Ava and I got a really good time talking about everything. Our Mom often caught us laughing at 2am! And last night, Viola, Mom and I talked about things that made me cry.



And I`m so much loving what I have in life now. Even if people don`t seem to understand. Even if my friends feel quite concerned about me not being so career-driven. I used to be so much concerned about my future and my future alone. But God had taught me that having a good career is worthless if that`s the only thing you pursue and you`re not really living your life. I cannot live the same way I used to—setting huge goals for myself and focusing my eyes on it alone while missing my fellowship with the Lord and with my family and friends. I don`t want to live like how the rest of the world does. I don`t want to live in an endless pursuit for position, money and fame. I`ve been there and I don`t want it anymore. What I want is to enjoy my walk with the Lord first of all, my family second, my ministry and then my career. I just want to live a quiet and simple life. I want to be happy from deep within and not set my happiness on what I can achieve in the world.



At the end of the day, I wouldn`t be regretful about anything. And everything would have meaning. I haven`t wasted my life at all.


Summer Is Here!

1:52 AM

It`s March! Summer is officially here in the Philippines! I`m so excited to think about summer camp, beaches, and ice candy! Winking smileNow I have reason to eat every single kind of ice cream I want to! (The last time my sister Ava and I went to the convenience store, she stopped me from getting myself a sundae `cause she said it`s cold…)



Well, now time to think about sun, water and lots and lots of fun! I couldn`t wait to see where we will be going out on April or May. I hope it wouldn`t rain early and that it wouldn`t get so hot too…thus, the migraine! Anyway, I got myself my first pair of eyeglasses but I`m not sure if that would help stop migraine attacks during the summer. Let`s pray! I really want to enjoy the sun this time…



Anyway, it`s summer time but I was thinking of posting topics about love. That wouldn`t be bad at all, whachathink? I was thinking that since we always talk about love in February, why not put it into practice the month after? Starting spreading and putting love into practice after all the lessons and sermons we`ve read for one whole month? (Would that pass as an excuse for not publishing my drafts about love last month? haha)


I actually left a draft unpublished and would publish it now…but I suddenly thought about many things related to it as well. Let`s make a series. Would you join me for the ride? Winking smile 


I hope you`re having a really, really fun time as well! Please let me know how you`re doing. I would also love to hear from you, guys!




UPDATE: It actually doesn`t feel summery again. The weather`s been hot a couple of weeks ago but it`s cool  again! Thank you, Lord! I honestly like it more like this!

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