My Weekly Reading List 2.1

9:05 PM


How was your weekend, friends? I`m really starting to love the weather, even thought it really gets so sunny sometimes. ;) Last Saturday, the young people in church and I went to do our devotions outside and we played a little game called Hug The Tree. We were hugging trees in the park and it was so funny! Perfect start for the summer.


Anyway, I wasn`t able to post my reading list last week. But don`t worry, this one isn`t gonna be long. I hope you`d find time to read all of these. All of them are actually my favorites. ♥ ♥♥


1.Sponge Christians, Internet Café Devotions.

2. Boys Who Read, The Rebelution

3. 5 Pillars of Manhood -How Men Should Love and Respect Women, Jaeson Ma

4. Just Love, 365 Days of Love, Jaeson Ma

5. JMA Prophesy 2011-Year of Transition, Jaeson Ma

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  1. hi..nice to meet you..i follow your blog,,,can you follow back thx...

  2. My weekend was great! I had about 30 children in my sunday school class and when I tell my Bible story, they all talk at the same time but the good thing is that, when I stop talking, they stop talking too haha. So I don't really know how we get through every sunday but I still love what I do and so far haven't died yet from screaming out my God bless.

  3. @Thess Hi Thess! Wow! 30 children for a Sunday school class is huge! ;) I've also taught in Sunday school a few years back and I must say, it can get really, really challenging. But haven't tried teaching 30 altogether!!!

    Glad you love teaching the kids so much. You're making a difference in the lives of these children and that is pure awesomeness! Keep it up, sis! Praying God will always fill you up with joy and love. Blessings!



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