What I Love About My Job

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Finding The Good Side In The Things That You Do

I’m currently working on a print project for a gym and it really feels quite strange knowing that this is not “me”. ;) You know, the masculine, strong, heavy body-building kinds of stuff.


Last week, I also got to edit a soccer video although it wasn’t that much masculine ‘cause there were footages of girls playing soccer (and they were really doing well, by the way).



What I really like about my job is that in a way, I get to have a good look inside the lives of different people—even for just a moment.

And that’s really a good thing, isn’t it? I have to be “in character” most of the time like how actors do it and it`s so fun!




Sometimes, I feel like a kid when doing commercials for children. And then the next day, I try to become corporate…like receiving an award from the president. I get to see the world from the standpoint of an architect, designer, doctor and even party people. I get to see the world from views I wouldn’t normally have taken.


Everyday, seeing all these people and feeling what it’s like to be in their shoes… I’ve learned look at life and appreciate the many different opportunities God is giving to each of us. I know He had always been faithful in my life and in the lives of the people closest to me. But to see His faithfulness in the lives of people I don’t even know…it’s really something different.  tumblr_leg7czD5A71qfovpfo1_500


When I see them happy, when I see them reaching for their dreams… When I see them struggling and crying.. Seeing their victories and defeat… I learn to appreciate my own happiness. My own struggles. The little victories. The painful defeats. I learn to look at life knowing that I`m a part of this big world that God is taking care of. And yet as small and insignificant as I am compared to this huge world and the millions of people in it, God still looks at me with value, something special and someone He cherishes in His heart. And I couldn`t help but be amazed with how he constantly cares for the little details of the lives of  everyone of us!


Video Editing and designing don`t always sound and feel good as it seems. It has its own struggles. The pressure and the environment is really something you would have to patiently endure. Just like any other career, I guess. What matters is that we find the good things in what we are doing, wherever we are… that we hear what God is speaking to us through what`s happening everyday. What`s important is that we appreciate our lives as it is, because God is always holding us in His hands. Our dreams, our hopes…God doesn`t forget them. So we need not worry about anything at all. 

Let`s stay strong, everyone! Winking smile

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