Dream A New Dream

6:30 AM


You are never too old

to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” -C.S. Lewis



  I have a new dream birthed tonight. Or rather, it was an old dream that has come to life again. I wonder why it always dies so fast…lives in like a few days and gets buried in memory over and over… But I even wonder why after dying many, many times, it still comes back over and over.


Maybe I just don`t believe in myself. Maybe I am always living in what people have labeled me to be. Quiet. Shy. Behind-the-scenes. I`ve loved working like that though. Just doing what you want to do, what needs to be done…


But there`s something deep inside me that`s stirring up. Everytime. I feel like if I don`t step up and have the courage to do this, I`ll regret it all my life. People may not believe. But how can they do that if I don`t believe in myself.


Nothing to lose in trying. My dreams to lose if I won`t.


But is this the same thing God is dreaming for me as well? Is this aligned to His will?

I should have a date with the Dream Giver Himself!

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  1. God put all our dreams within us...you have the desire to do this for a reason! With Him by your side all things are possible!! Just Do It!!



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