My Weekly Reading List 2.2

8:59 PM

I`m posting up most of what I`ve read last week. I really didn`t want to keep the list too long… So I’m listing down which ones really made a mark on my heart. Hope you will enjoy!




Have a great week ahead, guys!  As for me, I guess, I`m gonna have a little vacation at home because of my fever and colds, and the truth is, I`m actually loving it—I mean, that I got time to rest! ;) I think I was just waiting for a reason to take a little break.


God bless you!


1. You Are What You Tweet by Heather Gemmen Wilson

2. God`s Will And The One by Kuya Kevin *recommended*

3. The First Rule Of The Two-Hour Blogger by Martyn Chamberlin

4. A Little Like Love by Kathy Cheek *favorite*

5. A Blogger`s Prayer by Ann Voskamp, A Holy Experience

6. 6 Things Every Christian Blogger Needs To Know, by Anne Voskamp

7. A Great Marriage Requires Men and Women Who Are Different, Bonnie Gray

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