People I'm Gonna Miss: Part 1

1:35 AM

Mawhi and I got close just recently, doing production work for the church. We've been meeting for like a couple of days and a little bit more...and did some make-up girly bonding moment last Sunday.

I really find her beautiful and cool. Soooo fashion-forward yet so strong of a woman. She's such a lady. Just finished advertising, playing acoustic guitar for the church, part-timing in production, and loving make-up and bonding time with friends. 

I'm gonna miss Mawhi. I will miss seeing a strong woman figure. I'm gonna miss her smile and her laughter. I'm gonna miss how she loves to have fun with everybody in church. How could I forget the gay lingo and the fish and fries we deprived Kuya Noy of. Will miss her teaching me how to do make-up. Will miss seeing her sooo pretty every Sunday. Mawhi just inspires me. 

Doc J
I will miss Doc J leading worship. Will miss chatting with him and asking him to tell stories about medical stuff. I will miss him treating me on Starbucks and asking me to treat me again and again. I will miss the Tokyo, Tokyo days. Will never forget him sharing his testimony over dinner. Will miss watching him laugh, watching him tease the guys at the van to San Jose. Ok, I'm gonna miss him teasing me. 

I will miss the doctor, the funny doctor.


Cornerstone Memories: From The Beginning

1:43 AM

I`m reminiscing and thinking about the old days and I thought about writing a series about my journey in Cornerstone for the past three years. It`s been a long time and many things have happened. And before Ava and I officially leave, I want to remember and go back on the old days when things were much simpler. We were just ordinary young girls who went to find a new church... and God has brought us so far.

This was our first event at CREW. I`m not sure but I guess this was June 2007. Hark used to attend Fusion with us...and Jam occasionally joins us too.

I started out as a Kids Staff Volunteer under Ate Cora.  I was still in Messiah back then...

Until I finally got to join .COM. Thanks to Micah for inviting me to join and introducing me to Kuya Erwin.


Day of Fire Promo and Bloopers

10:32 PM

 So here's the video I promised you.

Day of Fire Promo from Cathy Canaceli on Vimeo.

The editing seemed like offline 'cause there was limited time to do the work. But you got to see the bloopers.

Day of Fire:Bloopers from Cathy Canaceli on Vimeo.

I got many other videos to share to you. I just need to be a little more patient uploading them. Vimeo only has a 500MB weekly limit for uploads. Youtube takes years to finish loading. Facebook is too exposed. So I decided I'll just put it all up on Vimeo. Anyway, it looks clean and better than Youtube...

Night now. I'm tired of laughing and having to hide from people who have seen the videos. ;) Nyt!


Crazy Day: I'm An Actor, Not Cameraman!

10:13 PM

So today, I wasn't cameraman. I wasn't even director or scriptwriter. I was a talent for anniversary month's commercial. And I was kindda freakin' out. They got me say this lines which I only got to memorize on the spot and it was crazy. One scene took like 6 or 7 takes. I was too conscious with how I looked like. Any cameraman, director, or production person who gets to be shot for TV knows how I feel. Production people find it weird, uncomfortable, or even scary to see themselves in their art. And it's really freakin' me out. lolz

Well, anyway.. they only got me paired up with this Close-Up guy...a model--that is... I just needed to stress that out so you would have an idea how crazy I felt. I was intimidated! Seriously! It's my second time on a commercial. The first one in Hongkong was even crazier. Scary, I mean. I looked scary ;)

I just tried to have fun. Laughed the whole time. Thanks to Ate Gracey and Ptr. Ron for being patient and for Doc J who held the reflector all the time. ;) It was an experience.. A crazy but fun one I will never forget...and which I will always make fun with.

Okay. This is Doc J, right here. Photoshoot. 

Men moving stones. Looks like OT characters. 

Doc J acting it out. Oh! He said he was praying here--praying it wouldn't be so hot. 
We did the shoot exactly at noon!

Ptr. Ron, Doc J, and Ate Gracey.

Ptr. Ron taping my sequences. 

At the grounds. Looks like Israel soil, isn't it?

I'm gonna post the video here as soon as it gets edited. I'm the one editing it so it actually feels kindda weird. I started doing it as soon as we got back to the office and I was so embarrassed. Not used seeing myself on cam! Deary! ;)


Random Thoughts: On Facebook Games

11:27 PM

It`s been quite a while since I decide to quit playing Facebook games, online games, and PC games. And although I might not be the top 1 anymore in the games I used to play virtually, I`m happy to report that I`ve been productive in many other things in real life.

I started to draw again. Scribbles, that is… and a bit of sketches. Three years have passed since the last time I held markers, and pencils, and paint brushes and I have to get used to them again. But I`m having fun and I`m planning to draw, sketch or paint at least one page in my watercolor notebook everyday.

I also started doing scripts again! Oh, I have to seriously get myself into writing again. I`ve got two titles to finish and one series to retype because my old hard disk crashed. And this is the one thing that I would love to do for the rest of my life, so I better spend a lot of time preparing for the future. Tatay said it takes 10,000 hours of doing something until you master it. And I`ve done like about a year, so there would still be a couple or more years until I master this stuff and I don`t want to waste time.

There are so many things to do, and I`m glad I decided to quit doing those games and use the time I could save for doing the other things I used to do—those which I have always loved to do. And although I`m wondering how are my are crops doing and if my restaurant is stinking…I`m happy `cause now I have time to take care of real stuff (`Cause yeah, I`m planting flower seeds again. ;) and develop the gifts God has given me.

And if you are like me who loves to play with the games on Facebook, I want to challenge you to think about the things you used to do that you are not able to do now since you got into playing Farmville, and MafiaWars and all other games. Why not try to do them again and drop the games?

Or if you want to farm, maybe you could go into your grandparents` farm and help over. Anyway, it`s still summer break so you still have the time. Oh, you don`t have a grandparent who owns a farm? No excuse, help out on your mom`s garden! ;)

My point is that, why would you invest so much in your virtual life than in real life? There are so many things to enjoy in reality than to just watch them on your screen. You could help out in the family store or restaurant, help your brother clean his aquarium, bathe your pet… But please, don`t try to become a Mafia or pirate or whatever. Find something that would be helpful to the people around you or would develop your gifts or at least, something that will make you appreciate your life the way you never did before.

Don`t waste time getting a life on the net. Make real friends. Help real people. Do real stuff. You`ll be happier. Believe me.

P.S. And the horoscope! Please! The stars don`t know anything about you. Give your future to the One who knows and cars about you. <3 Love Lots.

Old Designs and Everything Else

5:15 PM

These were some of the designs I came up when I was still learning Photoshop. Yeah, couldn't remember exactly when these were created.  But I am amazed and thankful for everything I have learned after a year. I've been doing more videos, photographing, and shooting,  than editing photos and there are still much more to learn in this craft. But I am enjoying it and lovin' it so much. I wish I have more time to do edit photos. It's like drawing. And although, I started to sketch and paint again, I will still be doing Photoshop edits once in a while.
This two (above and below) are fairly new, like a month ago.lolz

This was one year old. Learning Photoshop.
Older than a year. Barely knew Photoshop.

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