Birthday Recap and More Updates!

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I can’t believe it’s October! Time flies really fast! I’ve been away for a really, really long time. I really miss you guys and writing on the blog. 
I should update and we guys need to do a lot of catching up, right?

I'm really so sorry for not putting much time to blog. So many beautiful things have happened, so many beautiful lessons I’ve learned which I’ve failed to share with you. I hope we can still go through all them all together—the stories, the miracles, the blessings, and even the victories when times were challenging. And I hope to hear from you guys as well. I haven’t heard from many of you, my bloggy friends! How have you been doing? ^^

Anyway, today… I’ve been at home for over a month now. Got a fracture on my right foot after I slipped on slippery floor. And I’ll be wearing my cast until the 3rd week of November! I’ve worn it for 5 weeks already. The next seven weeks will be quick and better than ever!

I have so much stories to tell you about, but let’s begin with my birthday last month, 3 days before I figured the accident.


Because God prepares

beautiful things

to comfort and  bring us joy

 long before we realize

that we need them.


September 2, 2012


So it was my birthday, and I was happy and excited but deep in my heart, I wished my birthday didn’t fall on a Sunday because I’m usually dead tired by Sunday evening. LOL Sunday is my most enjoying but busiest day my week but I knew that I won’t have time to fit a celebration into my schedule that day.

So that morning went on, as happy as my usual Sunday mornings. But God was brewing up something even more exciting and heart-warming than I ever expected.

I went to the convenience store downstairs to have some church hand-outs photocopied, and the guard who was my friend showed me a huge bag saying “Your friends left this and asked me to hide this…” I looked at the bag from afar and saw a huge charcoal portrait. I laughed because the forehead of the girl was showing and I recognized that it looked like my profile picture in Facebook.


It was so funny to accidentally learn about the surprise, but I felt so bad for my youth group (The guard had no idea it was me, so it wasn’t his fault)!  I went upstairs pretending I didn’t know anything. Winking smile

And I thought I knew it all. Right after the service ended, I was in the Kids Room and they called me out. I knew it’s gonna be surprise but I ended up getting even more surprised!


Everyone was singing and my pictures were all over! They prepared so much! There were photo cupcake toppers and caricatures and the letters! Everyone in the youth group wrote a letter and I was so happy and teary-eyed!  It was one of my best birthdays ever!


Siopao and cake toppers!

They researched well and even got my baby pictures!




And later on I saw they took photos of themselves hiding in the staircase in church! It was soooo funny and I was so I slept with a smile on my face for days!


I wish I took many photos that day ( I forgot to take a photo of the huge charcoal portrait I saw in the convenience store. I’ll upload later!) but I knew I just had to enjoy the moment. It was one of those day you feel extremely blessed and so loved! I still remember every single detail. My Mom even cried seeing what was happening and bought ice cream for everybody.

I went home with a really, really grateful heart for all the love I feel I don’t deserve at all. I feel so undeserving of all the love and affection they showered. I love them so much!

And this is one of the things that God used to comfort me and paint a smile on my face on the next few days that followed. 3 days after my birthday, I slipped  on the slippery laundry floor and had to brought to ER.

God prepares beautiful things

to comfort and bring us joy

long before we realize

that we need them.

To be continued…

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