My Worries and The God Who Never Changes

3:51 AM

I'm writing today after my laptop crashed. I'm using my Dad's old little netbook, and even though the L key is broken,  I am still able to blog. lol (Typing lol on a virtual keyboard was really an effort!) But I'm still blessed right?

When we look at the downside of our circumstances, our hearts only begin to fear and worry.  But with faith and confidence in the Lord who holds our lives in His hands, we only grow to be more hopeful and strong. We see bright rays of sunshine even while it rains. We open our hearts and our minds...we open our lives so God can work in it and prove Himself all-powerful and faithful.

A while ago, I was starting to fear and worry about losing my files--journals and photographs and many other things I would not want to lose. But I had to run away from fear and worry and jump into faith because I know that God is sovereign and whatever happens is His will. I know that He is the God of miracles. I've seen it many times, right before my eyes, and I coudn't doubt now.

This month in Kids Church, we were teaching kids about Moses and the Red Sea. And I was asking the children if they believe that the God who parted the sea thousands of years ago for the Israelites is the same God who is at work today. I was asking them if they believe God can do a miracle such as that today. There were kids who said that's probably possible. There were those who didn't doubt at all and shouted "Yes" with all faith. I said I believe that too.

I said...
I believe God is the same yesterday, today and forever.
I believe Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.

And so, I choose to have faith. Even if it's not always easy. ;)

Because the One I choose to have faith in never changes.
And my worrying is just...useless! lol


P.S. I'll be posting my promised post later tonight or early tomorrow ;) Meeting a friend today so I have to put off writing for a little while... So sorry. I know I have been absent for long . 

I can't wait to share with you what I learned from Ate Arla! Excited! Catch you here tonight!

Much love!

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  1. glad to know someone like you, a woman who fears the LORD. Love reading your posts.Visit mine and we can share great insights! thanks



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