A Little Word For The Day: How Much Do You Love?

2:44 AM

It`s been a beautiful, beautiful day. I just came from a missions event in a nearby province with my sisters, the Intimacy band and Filipino Gospel Singers Arla Fontamillas and Me-An Antenor. I really couldn`t explain the joy in my heart right now. Serving and meeting such godly men and women was just amazing. I`m learning a lot from them!


This afternoon, Ate Arla and I were talking about love (girls, you should read my next post! I`m sharing what God taught me through Ate Arla about waiting on God and embracing your purpose as a woman! So cool! I`m a changed lady! lol)


To keep things short tonight (as I`m so tired and sleepy and there`s church tomorrow), I`m gonna share a short but powerful word from Ate Arla`s testimony.


She said that the proof that someone is a Christian is how well he loves his brothers. It was a convicting moment for me. If love is the proof that Christ is in my heart, then how much do I extend my heart to show compassion, forgive and embrace a person from head to toe and inside out? How much do I love? How much am I even willing to love after all?tumblr_lr8rwvFtLh1qbsd4uo1_500_large

The truth is, I still have so much to learn and so much love yet to give. While it`s easy for me to offer compassion and forgiveness to a Mary Magdalene, it`s not easy for me to forgive the Pharisees who would have stoned her. But I know it`s only by His grace and love that we also learn to love—even those who are unlovable. It`s only when we experience God`s love that has no boundaries that we also learn to love our neighbors without limit. 


“Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God.

Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God."
1 John 4:7


Let`s never stop loving! Never stop forgiving! Never stop running to Him! We love because He first loved us!


Let`s love and live loved!


Happy Sunday!

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  1. Blessed Sunday to u too Cathy. Nice words. God bless u!
    HUGS & LOVE.

  2. Hi Cathy,
    Giving you I LOVE YOUR BLOG AWARD. Visit this link to read the post i wrote about you. God bless. :-)


  3. @Rose Ragai Thank you so much for the love and encouragement, sister! To God be all the glory!

    I left a word on your blog! Your comments and your friendly heart inspires me! Keep it up! ;) You're a blessing!

  4. Nice post! God bless you.

    ps: blogjumped from Rose'.

  5. Waahh! Saw this just now! You never knew how this encouraged me today, Cathy! :)

  6. Waaah! Just saw this only today! You never knew how much you encouraged me, Cathy! :)



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