Christmas Décor Ideas

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I love the holidays because it is when the prettiest things come around—lovely decors, good food, huge gifts. And of course, the prettiest gift came on the first Christmas: A Beautiful Savior.


Here are a few of the lovely things that comes around during Christmas: Decorating Ideas I found in design websites and I hope this helps as you look for inspiration to decorate your own homes and spaces.


Just don`t forget that all the preparation and the celebration is all about the One who was born for us on that night. We don`t know the exact day God gave Jesus to us, but we`re celebrating His birthday on the 25th anyway—because we want to remember that day when His love was made perfect in us.


Pink, White and Light





1. Elegant Flower Ornament. I really love unique ornaments like this. Classic!

2. Cedar Chandelier. I`m making something like this for Simbang Gabi.

3. I really love these clear Christmas balls. Modern and elegant!

4. Christmas Tree Motiff: White, Pink, Silver and Clear. Sooo girly!

5. Fireworks-inspired twinkler that would brighten up any room. This will definitely look great in a Kid’s room. We`ve got a pink cabinet like that in the photo and adding this twinkler will definitely make the kids love it even more.

6. Japanese-inspired Parasol lamps. Even if there`s no snow in the PI!

7. Butterfly Wreath.

Part 2 coming up!

Merry Christmas!

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