New Year`s List

1:37 AM

I have a bad cold tonight and I can`t find a way to sleep so I went online and stumbled upon a Korean fashion site and suddenly remembered my language lessons which I have been putting off for half a year now.




Earlier this year, I`ve decided to learn a third language to have fun and also to learn something new and challenging. I chose to study Korean because of the many resources available all over the web. And because Asian languages just fascinate me!


Since it`s already close to the end of the year and 2011 is coming, let me share with you my new year`s resolution which I am praying that God will bless and help me with.



1. Keep up with my language lessons and not give up! Goal: Speak Korean fluently by the end of the year!


2. Make more creative and inspiring posts on my blog. Praying that God will help me to write well and excel in blogging.


3. Be a good daughter, love my parents, and do my responsibilities at home very well.



4. Start the business Ava, Viola and had been thinking about. I`m planning to work on it as soon as January and am so excited! Will tell you about it soon!


5. Train the  kids in my youth group to replace me with multimedia work. Looking forward to passing the baton soon!


6. Never miss an opportunity that comes along and have courage to try new things.


7. Aim high but keep my feet on the ground and my heart close to Jesus. Develop my gifts and find opportunities to share them with others.


8. Manage my time wisely. {I just bought a new planner and I hope that one helps!}


9. Tithe faithfully. Winking smile


10. Always be in the spirit of prayer.


11. Save!!!


12. Eat healthy and always choose the healthy options. Take care of myself.


13. Thinking before acting!


14. Dream God’s dream for me and let go of my dreams for myself.


15. Live selflessly and to love other people above myself.



I know this is not easy but God can always help us if we ask him, right?


How about you? What’s in your list? Let’s pray God will help us break through our habits and push us to do what’s on our list even if we’re midway through 2011.


God bless you all!

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