I Love “Stapling” for You

4:56 AM

It’s almost 4am now and I’m about to sleep but I can’t put off writing about this till tomorrow. I really can’t wait till tomorrow to share this with you.
I was on Facebook, checking out Pastor Min Chung’s profile. I do that really often because I love how he writes, how he shares his thoughts. I learn a lot from the things he shares, his insights from normal everyday happenings. They really are really words of wisdom I cherish in my heart.

Tonight, I love his story about “stapling”. I used to staple a lot too when I was younger…and even till now, when I make hand-outs for our young people in church. And I’m loving it! And like Pastor Min Chung, I want to always feel the same way about stapling--to always feel privileged for the opportunity to do things for the Lord no matter how seemingly small and mundane they are… even if I would be asked to clean, sweep, or remove gum under the chairs.

So this short note is really like a sweet reminder/test/encouragement for me tonight. Very, very humbling. Praying I’'ll always feel and understand how privileged I am to serve Him, regardless of how small or big the task. Smile  Enjoy reading! Have a blessed day ahead!
1. When I was a junior high student as a youth group member, I was happy stapling Sunday school material for the church whole Saturday, because I felt so privileged to staple for the Lord

2. When I was a college student, I was the first to come to church and the last to leave, setting up the chairs and cleaning the floor, because I felt so privileged to set up chairs for the Lord

3. When I became a pastor, I sit and meditate and prepare sermons and I am on my knees praying for people, because I feel the indescribable sense of privilege to be able to feed His people for the Lord.

4. When I feel the potential for my heart to be proud, I test it as I always ask this question, “will I still be thankful to staple for the Lord?”

5. When my time is done as I lie on my deathbed, I want to be able to say, “what a privilege it was, while I was alive, to be able have the chance to staple for the Lord.”

-Ptr. Min Chung

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Finally! You’re Here, 2012!

6:27 AM




It’s 5am and the celebration in my aunt’s house is not yet over! My cousins along with my Dad are still singing {They were even playing folk dance music and dancing when we arrived after midnight! Funny!}I’m laughing like there’s no tomorrow. SmileReally having fun!


I’m popping in for a minute just  to say Happy New Year! I know the Lord has great plans in mind for us this year. He’s preparing things that are new so let’s look forward to what’s ahead with hope that He will come through for us and He will do just as He had promised.

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