Review: My MetroDeal Refund Experience

9:20 AM

Last week, I bought a Metro Deal voucher for a Loreal Extenso treatment for only P899. Usually, Extenso treatments cost P3,500 and I thought that it was a very good deal.  I checked the merchant’s location and branch photos and it seemed nice so I purchased the voucher. 

June 16, Saturday
That same day, I realized I cannot go ahead to take the treatment because of my recent allergy flare. I checked my voucher and realized that it was non-refundable. I panicked because there was no notice about this at the product page or even at check-out. But I checked the terms and conditions on the site and read that they can cancel your voucher 5 days after purchase, provided that you haven’t—of course—used it. All you have to do is send them email.  

So I communicated through email, but since it was Saturday, my message will be answered the following Monday. I decided to give them a call since according to their website, their hotline is open on weekends until 9pm. The girl who took the call was polite and assured me that I’ll be receiving a word by Monday or Tuesday.

June 20, Wednesday
I was on an out of town trip until the following Tuesday and I noticed that the voucher was gone from the list of my purchased deals so I had to call them to confirm. The guy who took the call was nice and explained that they cancelled the voucher and confirmed that the concern has been escalated to their special team. I wish I was informed about this but it was nice that I can call anytime to ask and because the staff are easy to talk to. I read about people being so stressed with their Metro Deal concerns and that Metro Deal are not answering their questions but I haven’t experienced that so far.

June 21, Thursday
I received an email from their special team asking if I’m okay to amend with Metro Deal credits. Since I don’t have anything I wish to purchase at the moment, I decided to ask for a reversal of payment to my credit card which they promptly did. 

June 22, Friday
I checked my credit card account and I was refunded.

Overall, I had a really nice experience refunding my voucher from MetroDeal. Their customer service representatives are polite and accommodating. And my experience was totally different from the 2015-2016 reviews I've read from the internet. :) 

Just thought of sharing about this to ease some concerns. :) 




10:45 AM

"Not to us, not to us, but to give glory to Your name." 

I find comfort whenever I repeat these words in my head over and over.  My sister who’s a worship leader would always say that she has only done her task well when people are led into God’s presence in worship and they do not notice how well (or not!) she sang. I always find comfort in hearing that~in being reminded that it’s really not and never about me, how I look or how I perform.  

In my heart I know I’m made for something greater. But greater doesn’t look like how the world expects it to be. Greater wouldn’t make me famous or take me into the limelight. It wouldn’t bring praises from people or make me gain approval of men. Greater is not what we expect it to be because greater is not about me.

Greater is me fading so that Jesus can shine bright. Sometimes it means loving and not being loved back, giving but not getting anything in return, serving and not being served.  Sometimes greater is sleepless nights and muddy roads, empty wallets and empty stomachs. Greater is not position or affluence. Greater is following God no matter where He leads--for His glory and not ours. Greater is God working through us and we giving Him the glory and not taking it for ourselves. Greater is less of me so that there can be more of Him. 

“He must increase, but I must decrease.” -John 3:30

May I always find comfort in fading into your sidelines, Jesus. 

Writing Is Coming Back Home

4:03 PM

It's Sunday afternoon and I'm home alone today. After a while, I realized I'm not used to being home alone anymore.

Things have changed so much over the past months. Since I got married, a lot of things have changed including schedules and habits. I guess it takes a while to get used to major changes in your life and I'm now I'm getting well-adjusted! :)

I'm happy and things have been going on really well. It's beautiful to get married because you get to do things with someone you love and it's beautiful to be used by God together and become a blessing to others. Work has been wonderful as well and I'm loving how I'm making an impact with the work that I do for the Lord and for His people. But there is one thing that I really miss.

I miss the times I was able to write frequently. Back then when work wasn't hectic as now and I have a lot of time to think about life and contemplate. :) Now, it's definitely a luxury to be able to sit down quietly in front of a computer to write on the blog and read books for myself. I guess, I've put off writing for a long, long time now and I'm focusing more on the day to day tasks and responsibilities at work that I was leaving a part of me--of who I am. 

Are there also things in your life that you have put off? Things which God has designed you for and called you to do? And in putting it off you feel like you are betraying whom God has called you to be?

Well, today, I'm writing again and I feel like coming home and back. I hope that you too will take those little steps again toward your dreams and who God called you to be!

Happy Sunday!

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