Daughter of the King

Asian Spice Girl or Ambassador of Christ?

1:15 AM

image   Last Friday, Viola got a call back for an international girl band audition. Everyone in the house was surprised `cause we never really expected it at all.

Viola told me how she had been praying and asking God to show Him his will, not for her, but for the nations. We were at the premiere of 1040 where Jaeson Ma kept on saying that instead of praying for God`s will for our lives individually, we should pray for God`s will for our generation and tell Him that we want to be a part of it. Since then, Viola said she`d been praying “Lord, give me the nations. Give me the nations.” It was her dream to sing and tell the world about Jesus. So when we learned about the call back, we thought that maybe it was God`s answer for her prayers.

So yesterday, Papa and Viola went to The Manila Peninsula for the live auditions. There were 30 girls who were asked to sing live, chosen from video auditions that had been sent online. At the end of the day, the top 10 was chosen, but Viola didn`t make the cut.

When Papa and Viola got home, I  didn`t see even a bit of frustration in them. They both learned that the girl band audition was actually for some kind of a Spice Girl thing and you know Spice Girls. Viola wasn`t for it—the dancing, the outfit and all.

But I was so blessed because of the stories they have with them. Even if Viola didn`t win, God had a purpose why He brought her there. His purpose is really higher than what what we could ever come up with our finite minds.

If you have auditioned for TV or music or anything, you know how heartbreaking it is to fail. People who get a call back are considered lucky. Many go home with less confidence that when they came in. Star searches can be a mean world for a fragile soul. Sadly, many girls and boys aren`t so strong for this kind of tough and merciless competition.

imageYesterday, somehow, God has used Viola in the lives of the girls who were with her. She was sharing about her faith boldly and why she was auditioning. She was sharing about Jesus. In fact, she was even able to share that in front of the judges. Later on, she tried to comfort the girls, who like her, didn`t make it to the cut. At the end of the day, even if she didn`t win, you see God`s hand moving and doing His will. 

Sometimes, it`s like that. God brings us into special situations only to find out that He placed us there to share about him to somebody. If Viola didn`t win but brought one soul closer to Christ, God`s purpose still prevailed. In the end, she didn`t lose but she became an instrument for God`s greater purpose. All things still  work together for good. At the end of the day,  Viola may not have made it to the auditions but she became an ambassador of the Jesus Christ to some of the most talented girls of this generation.

And I think that is so much more amazing than becoming an Asian Spice Girl.  Right? ;)


Filipino Christians: Created For Such A Time As This

11:01 PM

Last Monday, I was on the Philippine premiere of 1040 Movie and I was really, really blown away with what God is doing in Asia. Although I am from the Philippines and I`m living in the middle of Southeast Asia, I never thought that such massive movement is going on in this part of the world. I`ve heard before about children speaking in tongues in Singapore, Korean churches growing in enormous proportions, and God touching lives and hearts of many Asian men and women, but I never thought of it happening simultaneously, like a really massive movement! I wasn`t aware of how God is moving big time here in Asia--that even in Islam countries like Indonesia, God is raising up thousands of believers who are bold enough to tell the world that Jesus is God.

Picture1 What even struck me the most was how God is using people from the entertainment industry to witness for Him. Of course, we know about Siwon being a Christian and radically standing up for God. And then there`s  Van Ness Wu and Korean stars like Ryeo Won and Alice Soy. And it`s just amazing how God is enabling these people to be bold and tell the world who Jesus Christ is.


I was reminded of the early church, (in Acts Chapter 4, after Peter and John was set released from prison but was commanded to stop speaking about Jesus) when they prayed for God to make them brave to share the Gospel despite the persecution. And God responded to them.

“After they had prayed, the meeting place shook. They were filled with the Holy Spirit and bravely spoke God`s message.” Acts 4:31

I pray that I will also witness that in the Philippines. It is my desire to see people radically standing up for God. Teenagers, students, politicians, professors—all bravely speaking God`s message to the people around them and to the world.

2993709813_39d534c924 Like what Jaeson Ma said last Monday, God has not placed us here for no reason at all. You and I aren`t created Filipinos for no reason. You aren`t a Christian producer for nothing. You`re not  a Christian lawyer for nothing. You`re  not even studying in that university just because you passed the entrance test and that`s it. Wearen`t strategically living right in the middle of Southeast Asia just because we just happened to be here. The people around you, they didn`t get to know you just by accident. Everywhere we are, whatever profession we have, everyone around us, God has orchestrated, God has planned. He has has placed us exactly where we are for His greater purpose and that is to bring the nations to Himself.


Mordecai mourned and covered himself with ashes when a decree that would annihilate the Jews was made in Persia by the request of the guy, Haman. When Queen Esther inquired about his mourning, Mordecai told Esther the news and asked her to beg the King to  spare them. But Esther replied saying there`s a decree that if a person would enter the throne room of the king uncalled for, that person must die, whoever she is, even if she is Queen. And Esther, she had not been called for 30 days!


But Mordecai sent back this reply.

…Do not think that because you are in the king`s house you alone of all the Jews will escape. For if you will remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father`s family will perish. But who knows but that you have come to a royal position for such a time as this.

                                                                                              Esther 4:13-14

In another version it says:

It could be that you were made Queen for such a time like this!

                                                                                       Esther 4:13-14

For such a time like this.


The recent hostage crisis. The corruption in the government that`s surfacing one by one. The injustice. People dying of poverty and sicknesses that could`ve been prevented. Young people dropping out of school and  lining up in all kinds of  auditions to have a better future only to fail and have a broken heart. This country is filled with people that are broken, with hearts that need to be healed, with souls thirsty for Jesus Christ.


But we are scared.


I`m afraid people will make fun of me. I`m afraid I`m gonna lose my job. My friends would leave me and call me a religious nut. Esther, herself, told Mordecai that she`s gonna die if she does it. She could lose her head and her life.

But Esther made up her mind and took the risk of being killed in that Persian throne room.

I will go to see the king even if it is against the law. If I perish, I perish. Esther 4: 16

…all because she knew that she must`ve been made Queen “for such a time as this”.

 95619425 1225402670_fb6bdb1d0b

You may be an actor. A doctor perhaps. Or you may be a simple blogger like me. And you weren`t born 100 years ago or 50 years from now. You are born at this moment. In this time. You could have been from another race. But you were born a Filipino and you are alive today with all these things happening around you.


image Siwon and other Korean celebrities sometimes get bashed online for posting pictures taken during their Bible studies. But so much more than those who bash them are those who are inspired because of  their faith and their love for God. Even atheists and those from other religions are admiring them for professing their faith, and that`s all because they chose to rise up for their generation. Perhaps, they thought they weren`t popular for nothing and that they were  positioned exactly where they are for a reason. They took the risk and accepted the call. In fact, Si Won in one of his tweets said “Rest in God !!        No shame, No Fear !! :D” along with this picture where he and his celeb friends are holding Bibles after a Bible study.


But how about us? Aren`t we gonna rise up for this generation as well? Esther rose for hers. Even King David for his. Now celebrities like Siwon and Van Ness are rising up for theirs and so are many other Christians who are radically standing up for Christ in their own neighborhoods, in their own schools and workplaces. 


But how about you and me? Are we just gonna watch these people stand up for God, becoming His hands and feet and His voice? Are we just gonna watch our country as it fights crisis after crisis? As kids die of hunger everyday? As teenagers kill themselves out of frustration and depression? Are we just gonna stand here and do nothing as Filipinos long and search for love and for God?


Who knows? We must`ve been created for such a time like this. I believe I am and I believe you are too.

random thoughts

Pochung Puti

8:49 AM

684534_68234227 I was practicing Korean this morning when a tiny 5-year old boy called out to buy something on the store. “Pochung puti”. That`s what he`s gonna buy, he said.


“Pochung puti…Pochung puti....” What?!!!


Deary! You wouldn`t believe how many times I asked him to repeat what he was saying. I could see the patience in the little boys eyes everytime I would ask him to repeat it to me. He must`ve wondered if I was deaf or something close to that.


Pochung puti. But what in the world is that?!!


But can you blame me? I just came from listening—and paying close attention—to my Korean lessons…and perhaps, my mind was still filled with all Korean stuff. Sangchu. Sigeumchi. Yachae.  Pochung Puti. See?


So I went close to the tiny boy and watched his mouth as he said the words. But it wasn`t a kind of paper or a detergent soap--as I first guessed (‘cause what else would you associate with “puti” [white]?).  *sigh* In the end, it turned out to be Fortune puti. *toinks. * Yeah, the cigarette.


I sighed when I realized what it was after all. By the way, we don’t sell cigarettes in the store so the boy looked at me as if saying “You don’t have it after all?” before he went away.


I walked back to my computer laughing at myself for my slowness in figuring out such things but also wondering how could someone ask a little boy to buy his cigarette at 5 o’clock in the morning?

It’s the craziest thing. Parents should be good example to their children, right? Why ask your kid to buy you a cigarette before he even dresses up for school? How could do that when your kid can’t even pronounce “Fortune” just yet? And now I wonder if the boy even had breakfast.

You’re the little fellow's idol,
you're the wisest of the wise.
In his little mind about you
no suspicions ever rise.
He believes in you devoutly,
holds all you say and do;
He will say and do, in your way
when he's grown up just like you.

I asked my Dad if cigarettes can’t be sold to minors. He said it can’t. And I suppose that applies to all stores, even to every “tindahan”.

I know they’re implementing that on convenience stores and supermarkets, but they should also implement that in the little neighborhood stores, right? But then, I often see cigarettes and liquor being sold to grade schoolers.  Of course, older people asked them to buy that, but the law doesn’t say you could sell liquor or cigars to kids if they say their parents asked them to.


I wonder if the government knows about this. I’m sure they wouldn’t let this get away if they knew…


Common Multimedia Blunders in Church and How To Avoid Them

9:33 AM

Hillsong 042109 GCC 1 

The Multimedia team helps create an atmosphere of worship along with the lights and sounds that`s why avoiding blunders to help keep people focused on the Word and on worship is very important.


Here are some of the most common mistakes we make and how we can avoid them.

Hillsong-Church-and-WATCHOU1. MISSPELLED/ INCORRECT LYRICS. I don`t know about you, but I feel very humiliated when people turn their heads towards the tech booth when a very obvious typo is flashed on the screen, like they`re wondering if I listened well to my grade school English teacher.

SOLUTION: Prepare your lyrics and line-up beforehand. Double-check before the service starts or have someone proof read them. Some presentation software have auto-correct options. Some can even automatically capitalize words you specify. Make use of those special options in your worship software.

2. INAPPROPRIATE WORSHIP BACKGROUND. One of the biggest mistakes we can make is to choose an inappropriate background for worship that COULD DISTRACT people from actually worshipping. Am I saying that we should be mediocre or conventional? No. What I`m trying to say is that creativity and sensitivity should always go hand in hand. If you see that people are watching the background rather than worshipping, keep that loop out of your archives or save it for something else. A funky background may not work for a Sunday service, but would definitely do well for a youth service.

SOLUTION: Test your new video loops before using them and get opinion from other people. If it distracts a couple or more, you should probably try something else. r167055_621617

3. DELAYED SLIDES. Ever sang in Karaoke and you`re supposed to be singing the chorus but the lyrics are two or three seconds delayed? Or ever been introduced to new song but the slides don`t seem to be moving?

One of the main functions of our ministry is to aid and help our congregation to sing and worship. So,

SOLUTION: Be a second ahead. Hit the next button as the last word of the current slide is being sang. You don`t want to hit next too early, as the congregation must still be reading it; but you also don`t want it too late that they won`t able to sing the first few words of the next slide. Being a second or even half a second early would might be just enough.


  4. EXAGGERATED TRANSITIONS/ANIMATIONS FOR YOUR PASTOR`S PREACHING PRESENTATION.   I honestly don`t think it is necessary for slides to have breathtaking, eye-popping, Avatar-inspired transitions . The truth is, I think it actually depends on what your pastor wants to communicate to the church. If your youth pastor is doing some superhero theme and told you he wants some magnetic, animated transitions then that would work. But don`t use those transitions for your senior pastor`s normal Sunday preaching. You don`t want people to blurt out “Wow! That`s so cool!” instead of actually listening to the pastor.

SOLUTION: You are actually free to try anything and be creative just as long as you don`t distract the people from what they should be focused in. Key: CREATIVE but APPROPRIATE.


5. DESKTOP VISIBLE ON SCREEN. If your work area is displayed on screen and you have to do a little editing in between presentations, chances are, you would distract the congregation. This is one thing you would really want to avoid especially during the  preaching. You don`t want people to be looking at the screen rather than at your pastor speaking.

SOLUTION: Use your computer`s secondary monitor.

If you are not yet familiar with the secondary monitor in PC or the mirror option in Mac, let`s just put it this way: it is the option that allows you to have two monitors turned on, the primary monitor (your computer screen) as your working monitor and the secondary monitor (your LCD) as your presentation monitor. It allows you to show your presentation on the LCD rather than your work area/desktop. It allows you to work and people won`t get to see what you`re doing.




6. NOISY MULTIMEDIA STAFF Kidding! Anyway, a couple of years ago, my co-Multimedia operator got electrocuted on her computer`s AVR! She screamed right in the middle of a guest pastor`s preaching. Everyone was shocked, including the pastor that he stopped what he was saying and stared at us. We were so embarrassed,  we literally sank in our seats . Well, we tried to. But everyone just stared at us and we couldn`t explain what happened.

Anyway, let`s always remember that serving in Multimedia is also like serving in the Worship Team or in the pulpit. So take authority in the ministry that God has given you and let`s always keep focused, that we are here to serve our God and the church.



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Best “Free Worship Loops” Websites

5:53 PM

If you`ve had a hard time looking for free worship backgrounds, you`re  definitely not alone. Having fresh videos every Sunday is quite a challenge. But one should not give up, right?


Good thing, there are a lot of designers these days that offer free downloads of their creations.


1. Movietools.info


Movietools has a whole gallery of professional-looking loops which are very useful for worship. I`ve practically used everything from their gallery, from music loops to holiday loops and news loops.


2. Everett Bowes on Vimeo


The loops are available in MOV format only. (If you`re using PC or an older version of a presentation software which doesn`t accept videos in MOV format, you can convert it to AVI or MPG. I found that converting MOV to MPG is much better for the presentation software I`m using.). 


3. Redferriswheel on Vimeo


Redferriswheel has elegant particle loops suitable for slow worship songs.


4. New Worship Media


Sign up for email updates to download the freebies. Freebies are available only in MOV.


5. WorshipVJ.com on Vimeo


Browse through members` videos and download from their own sites.


6. Motion Worship


 Go to the Free Video page and download the free loop.


7. SECCWorshipTech on Vimeo



8. Ignite Motion



9. Igniter Media


Igniter Media offers a freebie once in a while. You must sign up to be able to download. By the way, Igniter Media has a number of really cool worship slides and preaching illustrations that you can purchase. They`ve also got a blog which you might want to read if you are a budding graphics designer or multimedia artist.


10. Motion Share


Motion Share has a lot of useful videos and more links to free loops download sites!


Hope you found this helpful.


Don`t forget to leave some love. Would also love to hear from you.


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365 Days of Love

365 Days of Love: Love Enables You To Do Even The Impossible!

7:21 PM

Day 3 Today, I couldn’t believe the power of love! I mean, really!

I was having breakfast this morning when Papa pulled out his old suitcase which he’s now using to keep his documents—preaching stuff and other church papers. The things is, Papa forgot the combination to open the lock! He asked me if I remember it since he taught me how to open the suitcase some time ago. I made a guess, but as you expect, the suitcase didn’t open up.


So we were wondering how would Papa ever open his suitcase and get his papers. But before I could even device Plan B, Papa said “I`m giving this to you. Find the combination.”

I was like laughing `cause how would I get the combination? Well, of course, there`s only one way—to try and try until the suitcase finally opens up.

9x9x9=729 729 combinations to try!!! I mean, that would take me a day and my knuckles would all get buffed up pushing the buttons every time I’d enter a new code!

But as crazy as love can get, I decided to get past my calculations and just do what needs to be done.

So dad left for church and I went on with my Korean language practice sessions, and on my break time, I pulled the suitcase and told myself that “Yeah, even if takes a whole day, I’m gonna do this.”IMG_6840

The most amazing thing happened, it didn’t take me an hour. Not 15 minutes. And well, not even 5!!! The suitcase opened up in like three minutes! No, I didn’t shook it neither did I give it a hard blow. God just led me to the right combination and it was really amazing! I never thought it would be that easy! Or maybe it’s really not easy. It was just God’s grace.

I can’t help but be amazed with what God is doing. He honors people’s hearts and when you take the initiative to do something out of love, no matter how impossible it may seem, He will just help you out. He will give you the grace to do it! He made a miracle for me!

You know, I’m so happy with what happened that I even gave Twinkle, our doggie, a massage on the head. And now she’s sleeping right in front of me.

DAY 3: Try to do even the most impossible thing out of love. God will help you! Find a forgotten lock combination and give your dog a massage!

365 Days of Love

365 Days of Love: Helping Out at the Store

12:37 AM

DAY 2 Some of you might have heard that we`ve got a family store. My mom is the one who`s taking care of it but because she can`t do that all the time, my sisters are taking their turns in manning the store.

I really don`t tend to it, just occasionally when the girls are out or when mom`s busy. So, I thought that maybe I can take my turn and commit to helping out in running the store.

IMG_5909 This morning, I made a shift schedule for me and and the girls and committed myself to help out in the morning from 8am-12nn. It`s gonna be great since my sisters, my mom and I would be back by 8am from our morning walk and I`ll also have time to study Korean while tending to the store.

It`ll be a comfort to my sisters and my mom since they could do other things in the morning instead of being in the store.

I guess if you really love the people around you, you would care about the things they also care about, right? ;)


DAY 2: Help out in the family business.

Your Celebrity Look-A- Like

2:51 PM

Just a while ago, my dad saw the Skyflakes commercial featuring Jovit Baldovino and he bursted out that the guy looks like Edison.

That`s the second time I heard that today. Ava and Viola also saw the commercial earlier this morning and they were talking about Edison being teased at school and being called "Kuya Jovit" whenever he passes by.


I wonder why look-a-likes have been a favorite topic of discussion at home and on TV as well. You should have seen this thing on TV called “Ka-Facemuk Mo”. If I`m not mistaken, that`s a segment on Showbiz Central…and although it`s kindda cruel and mean, some of the people featured there really look like some of the celebrities on Philippine TV.

So I`m wondering: Are people really starting to look a lot like each other now? ;p

39347_144314652252904_100000231116894_333457_4099480_sI checked my Facebook this afternoon and Janine posted this picture on my wall and said I look like the girl on the cover. Ava shouted “Whoa! Kamuka mo nga!” when she saw it… and Viola as well.  But both of them said she`s not pretty. Of course, I would disagree `cause they`re talking about a girl who looks a lot like me. haha


And of course, if you have seen my sister Viola`s profile on FB, you should have been familiar with Emily Browning because she always used those as her profile picture. And they really look alike. I mean, REALLY. And even Demi Lovato…she looks like her. I had Demi`s photo mistaken for Viola one time. It was crazy!


So what about you? Who do you think you look alike? ;)

It`s cool that people look like each other, right? But don`t forget that we are all supposed to look like Jesus. You could look like your own favorite star, walk like the model you always watch on the runway, speak like that cool VJ on TV, but at the end of day, all of that wouldn`t matter at all. What matters is how much you look like Jesus. Are you reflecting His glory in everything that you do? Are the words that are coming out of your mouth something that Jesus would also say?

And of course, are you happy with who He has created you to be? You really don`t have to try to look like somebody. We are all created in a unique way, and although some of us might look a bit like each other physically, we are all individually hand-crafted and intricately designed by our Creator.

Anyway, just for fun, here`s some of my friends` and family`s look-a-likes. What do you think?

ava beyonce

1040 Movie

1040 Movie: Philippine Premiere

6:08 AM

Okay, what are you doing on the 23rd? Ava and I just got tickets to the Philippine Premiere of 1040.

It`s a documentary about Asia and how missions is doing today. Van Ness Wu, the F4 guy, who is Christian is also in the film and here`s a clip, just in case you want a little preview.

I really hope you guys could come. I`ve heard really inspiring feedback about the film, and we just couldn`t miss this, right? We got to go into the world and we got to be equipped! ;)

Jaeson Ma, the creator of the film will be coming and will be sharing his story too. Sadly, the premiere will only last for a day.1040POSTER5

It`s a holiday on the 23rd. So, let`s go! Tickets are only at P150. You can walk-in but they`re gonna seat you on the balcony. So you better get your tickets now so you`d be on priority—and so we could sit next to each other. Just let me know if you`d like to come. We`ve got some extra seats reserved, but we have to confirm if we`re taking them on the 16th.

Let`s go, let`s go! ;)

365 Days of Love

365 Days of Love: Made Coffee for Dad

5:14 AM

DAY 1 It`s 5am and I was on my laptop taking a photo of myself. ;) Dad woke up, opened the store, and went out to walk the dog. When he returned, he asked me to make him a cup of coffee.
It`s not the first time he asked me to do his coffee early in the morning, but I this is definitely the first time I stopped what I was doing and made coffee while deeply meaning in it my heart that I`m doing this because I`m putting him above myself—not because I was only asked to do it.

I never really liked the idea of stopping what I`m doing to do something else. But you know what, one thing I learned today is that if you love somebody, you could put down anything you`re doing just to meet the need of the person you love.
And it just brings joy to your heart.
The rest of the thing you`re doing—you could do it later. But you couldn`t miss an opportunity to show that you really love someone—and in this case, my dad.
DAY 1: Make coffee for your daddy and drop whatever it is that you`re doing to meet a need of a person you love.

365 Days of Love

365 Days of Love: Saying Yes to the Challenge

11:52 PM

2899435536_ddd2ce9637_bToday, I`m embarking on year-long journey of love. Thanks to Jaeson Ma`s 365 Days of Love, I was inspired to do something out of love every single day for one year to show God`s love and to learn how to love others myself. 


I know it will be a breathtaking journey because I know that God will be faithful and He will provide opportunities for me to be able to share His love everyday. And I`m also excited `cause I know that God will enable me to meet people and to experience different facets of love in my journey.


Honestly, I`m a little bit afraid to start this because 365 days is 365 days! The truth is, I really don`t know how to love. Love is putting others above yourself and I still have a long way to go to be able to fully understand that. So you guess, for me to find ways show love every single day in one year could be quite hard.


Or will it be? 


Maybe I would just have to look around and notice whom I need to show love to. Perhaps, I`ve been missing a lot and I haven`t shown love to people who are actually closest to me. And maybe extending a hand and doing something for others—whether random or intended--will enable to me expand bigger rooms in my heart, which will also enable me to love more in the future. What do you think?

I`ll be posting be posting regularly on my blog about my 365 Days of Love challenge. www.periwinkleconfessions.blogspot.com1040POSTER5

You can also visit Jaeson Ma`s website to know more about the 365 Days of Love and better yet, watch Jaeson Ma and Vaness Wu`s 1040 Movie with me and the girls! It`s on August 23. Just PM me, okay? ;)

My Super One

2:20 AM


I learned my cooking skills from my dad.

When I was younger, he would bring me along to the supermarket and he would teach me how to pick the best fruits and the freshest vegetables and he would teach me all these tips about bringing out the flavor in food. Often times, he would cook breakfast for me, my mom and my sisters even though he still had to leave for the office. I always loved to watch him, but more often than not, I would just love to wait and eat.

But then, my dad would always had to leave the country for work. Sometimes, it took him months to come back. Sometimes, it would take him a couple of  years.  And growing up without a daddy always by your side is kindda hard, not only because I`m a daddy`s girl badly missing her dad, but also because I always missed his cooking. ;)

The good thing is that even though he always had to be away, my dad and I developed a good relationship and he was still able to teach me many things.   He ALWAYS found a way to call. He was concerned even with the most trivial things that happens to me and he would always tell me how much he loves me. Sometimes, he would even text me just to ask me to cook sinigang when he comes back `cause he  said he always missed Filipino food.     

Last year, my dad decided to come home for good and work here in the Philippines. This time, I`m the one doing the texting--not because I want him to cook but because I felt it`s now my turn to do the cooking for him. When I have time off from  work, I would drop by the supermarket, would get the ingredients myself and I would tell him to come home to a delectable dinner (Okay, that`s an overstatement right there. It should just had been “dinner” minus the “delectable”. ;p )

Seriously, it`s now my turn to show love to my Super One who had always treated me as his Super One—my dad.


He is such a great man and I love him so much! <3






Why Writers Need Their Own Solitary Moment

3:05 AM

Writing is a solitary act

I`m currently writing a movie script. Last night, I was on the part where the female protagonist writes a goodbye letter to the guy she loves. I was multi-tasking at that time, writing and speaking with Mama (which was really hard to do, cause I was writing a tearful letter and Mama was telling amusing stories). And yeah, I must say that a writer`s job is not an easy task, although I sometimes don`t notice the hard part `cause I really enjoy what I`m doing.

Many times, writers have to be alone. It`s true that writing is a solitary act  because it requires a writer to know himself deeply for him to be able to write with heart. Writers are very reflective and meditative. And you must believe me when I tell you that writers can also be good actors, esp. those who write for novels and film scripts because they often have to act out the lines of the characters  in their own solitary moment. I know because I always do that. haha

And that`s the reason why I had a challenging and funny time while multi-tasking last night. Mama looked at me and asked “Bakit ka gumaganyan? Anung nangyayari sa`yo?” She was referring to my eyes because they`re getting chinky and I was like crying and I was speaking alone…but the truth is I was writing a tearful letter and was reading the lines to myself to check if it was natural and all that. My mom must`ve thought I was  going nuts. :p

Perhaps, that`d also be another reason for a writer to be in solitude when writing—so that people won`t think you`re out of your mind when you`re reading  and acting lines aloud. ;)

If I would rewrite the quote above, it would go like this:

Writing is a solitary act. Writers` jobs are to sit in front of our computers late at night and struggle to tell a story when no one`s in there. This has to be a quiet, insular task, so people won`t think we didn`t come from this planet.

So if you`re sharing a house with a film writer, could be a friend or a sister or brother, why don`t you try to peep through their rooms late at night when they`re writing and you`ll be surprised to find there is an actor in there. ;)

acoustic night

Love Story: Behind The Scenes (Jamming @ the Park)

12:49 AM

Today was the jamming session at the park where the music team sang a few songs and gave away promo materials for Love Story.

We met this young girl named Janet who was waiting for her mom and we got to chat with her and even jam with her. Later she said she`s gonna see us on church on Sunday and it really felt great `cause we were aiming to promote for the acoustic night but God gave us an even prettier…and a very early gift. We really didn`t expect it. But God really works in mysterious ways and you just can`t put Him inside a box. He works in wonders that will really sweep you off your feet.

IMG_5229This picture of Ava and Honey was taken exactly where we were singing (Yeah, I sang a few lines! haha) and everyone was just having fun, really having a good laugh and a good snack time, thanks to the little santol fruits that honey brought with her.

It was really a tiring day. We walked around for more than an hour slipping invites into mailboxes and handing out flyers to people we pass by. But it was very rewarding and very fulfilling because we know that our work is never in vain. We know that God will do wonders and we just did our part in becoming his hands and feet.

We also got to visit Edison at Concorde and you wouldn`t believe how surprised his face looked the moment he saw us at his doorstep. We were all laughing the whole time and we couldn`t say a single word even after we stopped laughing. And Edison never really stopped laughing. He kept on saying that he couldn`t move on.

Anyway, I just got a message from Kuya Uriel and he said he`s in the Philippines and he might be coming to church on Sunday. Isn`t that amazing?

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